Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A very random type of post...

Today was another day around home, well after a visit to the chemist to get some more antibiotics for Elizabeth and a trip to the supermarket to get some milk oh and a call in to get a coffee for me and a babycino for Lucy, so I made the most of the warmer/drier day and we got outside, between the spring showers, and I took some photos of the things we did today and of other ummm random stuff.

This is one of the bulbs Bron gave me, before she and Murray went to England. She gave me 2 packets of 3 each and so far the 3 red ones are out and the others are well on the way.

While we were outside I went through the garden shed and found some more old seed that the previous house owners had left behind. I know the seeds are old but I threw them about anyway as some will still germinate and grow. Planted corn, lettuce and tomato

Also thought I would update my blog photo so took some of me ;)

and have to share my shoe purchase, from our trip. These I went back to get as I just loved them! They have little apples on the sides, which you can't see in the photo, and are a dove and apple print, love them!!

Because it has been raining for the last 2 days, the washing has been inside, on the three airers. Today's went outside and was dry after lunch, so here is what 2+ days of washing looks like in our house.

Lucy and Elizabeth did some playing in the sunroom, because the clothes airer was taken away they had room again.

Elizabeth made a kite at kinder so she begged to fly in this afternoon... fly... well, it was off the ground for awhile lol

and she also brought home her very first home reader book. She read it with my twice and then read it to Dave about 3 times. Love that this stage is happening for her.

and finally I will leave you with a page I made today, using more bits from My Sweet Spuds kit

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  1. Love that tulip ... I miss the spring flowers here :-(
    Cool LO - lots happening amongst the clouds :-)

  2. Love those shoes, love that tulip, love your photo, and love that layout!

  3. This page is so fabulous!! So full of colors and happiness! Great job!!

  4. love your layout! and i love the sticker of little miss sunshine.:)

  5. Anonymous7:35 PM

    what a sunny and fun lo. i'm in love...

    your blog is filled with so much goodness! xxx

  6. Seriously, how cool are your shoes! I love them. And that little bird on your layout LOL.


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