Monday, October 13, 2008

Challenges of Monday

In amongst the busy-ness of the day I completed my One Little Word page and my Scrap Mojo Challenge.
**edited to add******* 14 Oct 7.30am ***Yes It dawned on me, in the shower this morning, that the OLW prompt was actually KEEP not JUST!!! Soooooooo I am now working on a new KEEP page!! I wrote Keep down and everything, my brain ran away with JUST things instead... DOH!! So stay tuned for the real OLW prompt, if I KEEP my brain on the right path.... hmmmmm!! ***
***Edited to add 14 Oct 8.15pm*** OLW page for KEEP is in the post above NOT this one :)***

One Little Words prompt was 'just'. So I made a 2 page spread:


"He buys me flowers
He writes me love notes
He buys me Orange Ponies for Christmas because I asked for one
He puts up Christmas lights
He gives me chocolate
He makes the bed
He runs me baths
He cooks
He has coffee with me
He irons
This isn't why I love him but it does make me love him more."

and then for Scrap Mojo, the challenge was Halloween inspired, to scrap about a fave costume, horror movie etc and to make your own embellishment. Well I don't do scary so I twisted the challenge my way and that's what I scrapped about ;)

I used lots of glimmer mist, some material pattern, Kaiser paper and made the little ghost from a brown paper bag ;)

I coated the buzz and Bloom arrow with glimmer mist so it lifted and used just one layer as my journal block

"Since I had glandular fever, in 1996, my nerves have been shot!So since then I haven't coped so well with things of emotion. I am getting better but this girl doesn't do scary".

Excited as the new season for CSI starts tonight!!
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  1. now you've got me guessing????

    have you done "keep" already...

  2. ohhh maaaaaan !! you married the PERFECT GUY OR what ??'s sooo sweet :)
    love the LO :)

  3. Marg S2:44 PM

    LOVE the 'Just What He Does' layout......... what a good idea. You've inspired me to scraplift that one!!
    You are one blessed lady, to have a man who'll make time to do those little things just for you. It's lovely to see how you two appreciate each other. Take care.

  4. absolutely loving your grunge paint look as usual... keep it up!

  5. Love those pages!!! The Scrap Mojo one is so creative and cool!
    Have a great day!

  6. Wow!! Fab mojo layout!! Love all the glimmer mist on it!
    Thanks for playing along, Sharmaine!

    Melissa - Mojo


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