Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I am Sharmaine and I make mistakes...


I am one of those people who put their foot in it.


Ask someone if they are ok and have them start to cry.

Slip over, in the mud, in front of future husband.

Have my brain run away with a certain word rather than the word I was meant to use...


All you can do is laugh and get on with it, so here is my One Little Word page for the prompt KEEP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I used envelopes underneath the photo and glimmer misted them.

Hope you have a wonderful day, pick yourself up when things head down and remember to laugh ;)
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  1. I know where you are coming from Sharmaine on all of the above except 'slip over in the mud in front of future husband'!

    Its nice to know other people are afficted with the same behaviour.

  2. r d r r

    love you...and it was so cute...the mud and all!

  3. Oh I see the little teal owl:)

    Love this layout.

  4. Marg S2:28 PM

    Love the layout AND the philosophy behind it!!
    Have a lovely restotheday!

  5. Heyyy Beaudiful Sharmaine !!
    woww loooooooove this LO !! and... yes... i must remember to do this more often huh ??
    hugs to you my friend ;)

  6. Yip, laughing is like an instant vacation. Lovely layout.

  7. Great technique and gorgeous LO!

  8. Fantastic page for OLW :)

  9. This is awesome! Love it!



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