Friday, October 03, 2008

Frenzy of Friday

So today was alot like this...

wet! So the time we spent at home was inside.

This morning Elizabeth had her follow up doctor appointment, to check her ears to make sure that she doesn't have an internal problem after we had her hearing check a couple of weeks ago. Everything was found to be clear and back to normal so we are back to the 'delayed speech' theory rather than her having a hearing problem.

Before lunch Elizabeth and Lucy watched one of Lucy's favourite shows

which of course involves dancing

then my little helpers started to organise lunch

watching Elizabeth undo the cheese slices made me happy. It's a task that she normally struggles with, some of her motor skills are delayed so this is something that she has found hard to do.
then they both enjoyed lunch, Elizabeth with her ham and cheese sandwich

and Lucy with her always requested peanut butter and cheese sandwich

and me some toast cos I am usually over sandwiches by this time of the week

then in the afternoon they did lots of this

just mucking about!! I finally got things together for a post out I had to do

so before the school pick up we went to the post office. Dave was home not long after us and we had a coffee together, yay. He then made golden syrup dumplings for dessert

and just before dinner Megan found her way into the kitchen and up onto the kitchen bench, which is her favourite perch :)

So that was our day :)

Tomorrow is Megan's end of year soccer bbq, hoping the weather clears up!

Will leave you with a fact that I just read in an email...

83 days to Christmas!!!!!!!

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  1. my kids are kitchen bench sitters too, and when my eldest has her buddy over, they often sit on the kitchen floor in the corners of the cupboards, strange, but somehow nice.

  2. Wow, Count down to Christmas already! Yikes! It is rainy here today too... and I've got errands to run.. blah.. I'm glad your daughters ears are okay. I have two nephews in speech therapy. It takes a while.

  3. 83 days til Christmas? no way!

    What a nice start to your weekend. I love the photos of the kids.

    I saw your blog about Stacy's challenge. I think that is so cool. I want to do that one. I'll try to post it and send you a link.

    By the've been tagged. I hope you'll go over to by blog and play along.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. i can't believe it's only 83 days till christmas!!!

  5. hello there, I linked to you from Michelle'sblog. I love the header she made for you and enjoyed my visit at your blog. Thanks,


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