Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thoughts on Thursday

As mentioned in the edited version of my post from yesterday, I love what Stacy is prompting people to do. I love seeing the little things in my day, I love being able to record these things so that not only do I remember but others get to share in it too.

"You have everything you need right now to be vibrant, happy and fully engaged in the creative process of life. Sometimes you just have to slow down, look around and realize it!"

Here’s what Stacy want you to do …
• Snap ten or twelve photos of your life right now. Or find recent photos that you've already taken.
• Compile these photos in one of these super-cute Bazzill Mono-Mini albums
• Keep or carry this album with you, tucked in your purse or desk drawer for one full year.

• Promise to glance through the album every time you stumble upon it or pull it out.

• On October 1st, 2009, create a scrapbook page about your experience.

I love this quote that she ended her post with, from Sunny Schlenger, author of Organizing For The Spirit ...

"When you slow down and deliberately take notice of your surroundings, you're in the present moment, and being in the present moment brings things into sharper focus. It's as though you're on a nature expedition, but you're using your binoculars to observe the details of your own life ... much of our day-to-day business can be done by rote. But when we're fully engaged, active participants in moment-by-moment creation, we're in the state linked most closely to "living" our lives."

So here are some photos of what today has been for me, *edited 4 Nov- you can now see my completed album here*

Checking my email, this morning, I found 2 from Bron, with photos of their holiday to Scotland.

Thursday means I have 2 at school and 2 at home, relish that as next year will be different. Today was school photo day for these two

At home Elizabeth and Lucy found lots to do. They decided to play skittles in the kitchen, they did this all by themselves and that made me smile!

The photos may be blurry but their expressions are captured!

They also decided to set themselves up a little home theatre...

In the afternoon we went outside for a little bit of this

I love the colours that spring and sunshine bring

Greengage blossom

Cherry blossom

and apple blossom

Enjoyed my bare feet and sunshine today

After school Jessica had some maths homework to do, love that they enjoy doing homework, wondering when that will change lol

While the girls watched telly this morning I scrapped this page, using some of the things from My Sweet Spuds kit

Speaking of scrappy stuff, Love Scrappin' have the new Sassafrass Lass range in, yumma!, Suzie has the cheapest prices that I have seen anywhere and the 20% off sale is still on so why not go have a browse and drool ;)

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  1. Seems like you had a nice Thursday,you have some gorgeous pics there..and another fantastic layout!!

  2. I always forget that we are embarking on totally different seasons. :):)
    I think Stacy has a wonderful idea....maybe I will try it when I have a bit more time!

  3. Love your pics of your girls today :-) I'd like to do that "what's happening now" or "week in my life thing" (Ali Edwards) too, but just have too much going on at the mo, so maybe in a month or 2 (or 3 or 4!).
    Today I thought of you ... we went to the butterfly park here and I took loads of photos (as usual!) didn't get any sitting on me though! One landed on hubby. Decided I am going to do a butterfly chipboard coaster album (something else to add to my list of scrappy things!!).

  4. Thanks for the link to Stacy. I love that challenge and I am going to try and accomplish it. I'm also lovin' the pictures of your spring. It was 27F degrees this morning and lots of frost. Your flowers are beautiful!

  5. love your photos of your girls & your layout!!

    Have a great weekend!


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