Thursday, October 09, 2008

Potterings of Thursday

Today Lucy and I just pottered about home. Inside in the morning because it was cool but the afternoon was just gorgeous, if you could hide from the wind. So we went out in the garden for a while, was nice :) Picking up Elizabeth in the morning, poor kid was home sick again, spoke to her on the phone tonight and she was in tears, big hug coming her way tomorrow!!

So I have nothing to share I will leave you with this layout that I made. I thought I would try and make my own mist, because I wanted orange and haven't found orange bright enough anywhere, so I gave this a go...

I took my orange paint and a squirter bottle

I used about a teaspoon of paint to about 100ml of water. I squirted onto a scrap piece of paper to start the flow off and then just squirted away on my page.

it didn't turn out as bright as I hoped but it was fun ;)

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  1. I was wondering about that idea - glad you tested it, maybe swirl some red into your bottle, with the orange?
    'Mist' hasn't arrived here (maybe never?) So I'll go with your advice.

    What HAS landed is the kaisercraft, some really nice neutral tones there. Thought of you, when I saw it was local for you - do they DT?

    Are you trying any more compo's????

  2. hi sharmaine!!! been stalking a lot, (vicarious living too!), but haven't had anthing clever to say! how smart of you to make your own mist. I'm taking an art class and we need to treat paper and I am so gonna try this! thanks so much for the tip!!!

    girlfriend is sooooo cute as a kangaroo! love the polkadotted skirt! layout??? : .)

    good to read your posts!!!


    - L

  3. wonderful idea! I need orange too! Love the way it came out.


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