Friday, October 10, 2008

I'm Off To Paperific...

Well not me really... read on to see more, but right now my day...

Picked up this little chicky

and then, with this little rabbit,

we went and had a babycino/caramel latte to celebrate her coming home. Yeah I know it was only 2 nights but thats big for both of us :)

Megan came home all excited from school. Her friend had lent her this

So Megan has had her nose in it in hope that once she has finished that we can by the sequel that has just been released. Jessica's class has read Emily Rodda's Deltora Quest so I think Jessica might want to get her claws on some Emily Rodda too :)

This turned up today and made me happy!

This time, in 2 weeks, Dave and I will be in New Zealand, he will have finished his work stuff so we will be playing tourists :) Happy :)

Played with my camera today. Played with the zoom and flowers

So Paperific... Paperific, for those that don't know, is a big papercrafts expo that is being held next week in Melbourne. I would love to go one day, I seem to go to Melbourne, or any other destination that has equally amazing events, just after these things happen. So imagine my glee when Karen emailed me to ask if I could do a guest spot for Karen's Scrappin' Kupbaord AND that she wanted to use the work at Paperific for her stall. Karen's is a store in Launcetson, have visited it a few times and am always impressed by her stock, which by the way is 15% off today. This is the lovely October Afternoon goodies I received yesterday

So I created 3 pages and a canvas and they are now on the way up to her before heading over to Melbourne.
Totem Tennis

Grandma's Chickens


and the canvas
We took the girls for a walk, after dinner. One of the HUGE +s of having day light savings, well actually it is the point of daylight savings lol, is the extra daylight at this end of the day and it was nice to get out and enjoy it. The weekend is meant to have some nice weather so hoping to be outside a bit :)
Ciao for now
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  1. Well done on the layouts! I am sure you will be at Paperific in the near future. And the trip to New Zealand sounds exciting.

  2. That's the right stuff! Exhibtions 'n all ... congrats.
    My email is not "sending" at the moment, so just to say, I think I'll also stick my neck out (again)!

    Enjoy your visit to NZ. wow!

  3. I love what you did with the October Afternoon and those flower shots are fantastic.....I wish you lived closer so we could scrap together. :):)


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