Sunday, October 12, 2008

Substance Not Superficial

Just had to use that title. Is something that had popped into my head after hearing the sermon at Church this morning. It was a prompt after thinking about friendships and what I offer to them. Anyway just had to write it somewhere :)

Last night Dave ran me a bath

and while I soaked he made us both some golden syrup dumplings, this batch had oodles of syrup!

This afternoon we enjoyed another gorgeous day. We went and did the grocery shopping, were part way through when Mum and Dad rang to say they were on their way home and were going to call in. So the rest of the grocery shopping was rushed through and they got to our place just before us.

Took some photos today, I am sooo looking forward to the day when Elizabeth lets me take her photo and doesn't feel the need to run and hide. I am really happy with some that I got today :)

and had to take some photos of Megan in her new outfit too. She picked it out herself, while we were in Melbourne, and asked if we could get it. Today it was finally warm enough to wear it.

Had to snap a photo of this too :)

and with that I will leave you so I can go drink me another one :)
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  1. Hey, didn't know that you go to church. That's cool. Love Gail

  2. What a beautiful girl you have - she is stunning!!

  3. This is my first visit to your blog which I found through a mutual blogging friend, Michelle. Love your layouts. You have got the most beautiful children and it seems a real honey for a husband who seems to care about the little things in life. Enjoy your blessings. Will put you on my Google Reader and pop in more often.
    PS: Would love to have that syrup dumpling recipe ... looks delish. Warm regards from sunny South Africa.

  4. You have beaudiful kids Sharmaine !! and with...beaudiiiiful blue eyes :)


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