Saturday, October 11, 2008

7 shy of 18,000

Yep a huge milestone! 18,000 visitors since I put the site counter on, which was May 21, 2006.

I started this blog March 17, 2006 and my first post had a total of 5 visitors. I am almost at my 1000th post, just over 100 to go.. wonder if I can get that in this year or not... Anyway I just had to blog the milestone here and to say thank you to all those who read my blog, one way or another and a big thank you to all those lovely people who stop in and leave me a comment or 2. Appreciate it :)

Ok on to the day,

Megan and Dave fixed the driver's seat in the van. It had busted off the runner and so wobbled backwards. Dave had welded it a couple of weekends ago but the weld had busted so today they used a different technique and so far so good :)

The girls had MANY slices of raisin toast for lunch. Mum had given me a box of bread, all different varieties, yesterday. They have a friend who does a bread run and they get all the leftovers and she passed some on to us.

This is a Waratah from Mum. She had picked some for my Great Aunt, who she went to visit yesterday, so gave me one.

Not much else other than it's been a gorgeous day, we spent a lot of time outside and Uncle Samuel, Dave's brother, called out to give us an iron. Thank you Himzey :)
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  1. OMG your nearly at your 1000th post. Well done!

  2. wonderful that you keep track and you know you have a fan here :D

    i love raisin toast! Yummy!

    have a Super Fun Weekend Sharmaine :)

  3. Sharmaine, that's so incredible!

    & as for the waratah flower, it's beautiful & a treat to see;reminds me of a raspberry. I picked up a book today, (at our school fun day), on the flowers of western Aus. I kid u not, it was a sale of donated books, and I'm a flower lover....

  4. Wowww well done girl !! (me ...i had only a mere 4 visitors and i had to nag my family to come and visit and to leave me a comment. :(
    so glad to have made sooo beaudiful friendships since then (like yours now) ...i think that stuff that we call 'online friendship' is amaaazing :) hope one day to meet you girl !!! ;)


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