Friday, October 17, 2008

Tiptoe through the tulips??? I THINK NOT!!

As we were about to head off to school this morning, Mum rang to say could we meet her at the Botanical Gardens. She had some plants to drop off and we were picking up Lucy, before Mum went to visit my Great Aunt. I thought perfect, I would take my camera and I would get some photos of Elizabeth and Lucy in amongst the colour of the tulips. Well that was what I thought, they had other ideas because all they wanted to do was run, get grumpy or just plain old, I-am-over-it-thankyou silly! So I let them do what they do and clicked away in vain hope I would get at least one good shot, didn't happen but I did get these....

I asked if they would stand together

But they just ran

unless it was to look at the train that went past

We went to look at the fountain, I thought cool they can sit, which they did wonderfully well...

But when they do this you know you've lost any sense of sanity...

and when you get a look like this

You know it is time to go home :)

Just so they can do it at home, over morning tea lol

Megan had her swimming carnival today, so proud of her! This time last year she would have screamed the house down about going in the water but today she came home with

Not one but TWO firsts and a second, which was the relay and she swam twice!!! SO PROUD OF HER!! Had to laugh, she said she came last in the dog paddle race because she didn't know how to do the dog paddle :)

After I had posted off the layouts, for Paperific which is on this weekend, Karen asked if I would put together a Basic Grey matchbook, as a sample for a girls night in that she is taking the shop to next month. She sent me a Urban Couture matchbook kit, some Perhaps tags and bag with some flowers, ribbon and buttons and it has sat there all week, taunting me! It was really easy to put together, in the end it took me probably an hour to do, but because it was something outside of my usual 'thing' I just procrastinated. So today I made a start, sat out in the sun, while Elizabeth and Lucy rode their bikes and prepared the photos

Then before we went to school, to get Megan and Jessica, I started putting it all together and then when we got home I finished it off. Am happy with it because it was a challenge and now its finished and ready to be posted up to Karen.

If you look real close at my hands, please don't squash your nose on the monitor because that really is too close, you will see the glimmer mist on my hands. I really am a messy scrapper, I can't use paint, of any description, and not get it everywhere!
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  1. Oh wow, these picks are gorgeous and so natural. Love the mini scrapbook as well. Warm regards

  2. Love your kids faces ... can just imagine them doing everything but what Mum the Photographer wants. LOL Your mini album is fantastic. :-)

  3. oh my goshhhh Sharmaine !! those tulips look amaaaazing !!! and with your girl too there, wowww too cool to scrap :)

  4. ohh and Congrats to Megan for her swimming woohooo !!!

  5. o0oh my goodness. what a darling matchbox book. great job. you'd never know it was something outside the box for you.

    i love the photos you shared with us. the flowers are gorgeous. i can just imagine how excited the girls were to be out on such a lovely day and at such a fun spot.

    awesome job, Megan. Woohoo! three ribbons. way to go.


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