Sunday, October 05, 2008


I'm tired today.

Daylight savings started today.

Grandma's birthday today.

We went to church today.

I took photos today.

There was some of this today.

We went to the 'grassy spot' today.

Lucy did this today.

Elizabeth did this today.

Then she did this today, that's her in the distance.

Megan made this face today.

Jessica did this today.

Dave did this today, to all the girls.

The girls tried to do it back to Dave today.

We came home from the 'grassy spot' today.

Dave made Queen Pudding for dessert today, said it was in honour of his Mum's birthday heehee.

I finished off this layout today.

I also made this page today.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring :)

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  1. Me tired too :)
    Hard getting into Daylight savings :(
    Love your layouts :)

  2. I'm tired today too Sharmaine - (might be to do with the fact that I sat up real late scrapbooking last night) so glad we don't have daylight savings in QLD. Have really enjoyed catching on the photos of your days. Love the flower photos also love your layouts - love the way you use paint.

  3. grandma7:57 AM

    thanks for remembering my birthday, especially because you all had some yummy queen pudding on my behalf!!! Love the photos

  4. Your garden has some beautiful flowers :-) Love that pic of Dave and the kids walking home. And your LO's are great. Look forward to seeing what you do with these photos :-)

  5. Fun times and luscious cake!! Scrumptious layouts.

  6. so many beautiful things in your lasts posts! love all the photos/layouts, etc. :)


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