Monday, October 06, 2008

Magnanimity of Monday

Today has been a busy day.
We started it with some tired girls who didn't want to get out of bed, thanks to the time change of daylight savings.
Lucy and I visited my Great Aunt after we dropped Megan, Jessica and Elizabeth off at school.
From there back home to deal with the washing, which only got partially dry today because of the weather. Lucy played while I put the washing out and then asked what these were ...

Yes sorry Grandma they are the apricots that we are hoping to see grow, fatten and ripen. Hope you can come eat some with us this time, hint hint lol
After we had picked Elizabeth up from school and been home for lunch we jumped back in the car to go get some groceries, why is it that milk seems to disappear around here?? Back home to unload and then off to school to get the other school girls.

This little Kangaroo actually fell asleep on the way home this morning, which never happens any other time, so I think she is possibly as tired as I am lol

While Dave took Jessica to swimming, and the others chilled in front of the telly, I scrapped this page of Megan.

I used Love, Elsie paper and fabric paper, Scenic Route paper and sticker, American Crafts lettering and covered a Scrap FX Retro flower chipboard.

I bought the chipboard and the lettering from Love Scrappin', speaking of which the 20% off sale ends tonight so if you haven't had a look you better head over there now :)
Hope your Monday was magnanimous :0)
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  1. love the new look of your blog Sharmaine!

    the socks are soooo cute!!! so are your Girls :)

    hope you're having a wonderful week :)

  2. Love that layout!!! so cute. :)

  3. Love the toe socks! The layout looks great :)

  4. i agree with your girls. i didn't want to get up either. its been slow going with me.

    i love the toe socks. great layouts.

  5. What a great way to take the photo! Love the perspective it gives.

  6. Your blog looks fabulous!

    Love that layout! Those toe sock are just too cute!!

    Have a great week!

  7. grandma12:23 PM

    the apricots should be right in January?! I will see you then!!!!


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