Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So a little while ago Sandra tagged me

So today I play :)

1. Today I saw this

Don't you just love the way Elizabeth is wearing the helmet??!!
While they did that I sat in the sun and ate an apple.

2. Today the girls were given the socks my Sister sent them. I love stripy socks....

3. Today I received this in the mail

Have already had a flick through, starting from the back, as I do, and I am EXCITED about reading it.

4. Today this little person played dress ups, while we were home.

was another busy day.

5. Today I received this in the mail

my prizes from Project Scrap-Away AND the kits for the next four months for Scrap-n-Crop. Am EXCITED about what I saw and can't wait to create with the first pack!!

6. Today I bought a newspaper, which we hardly ever do, and I read it!!!!!

7. Today I converted Aussie dollars into New Zealand dollars. Sadly our dollar was only $1.09 NZ instead of the $1.15 it was two weeks ago!! This time next week I will be thinking of packing :)

So that was my day, I tag you to play along too and share some random things too.

Desire, I haven't forgotten about the recipe will post it tomorrow once I grab it and get organised. Wondered if anyone is interested in other recipes? Have been thinking of starting a recipe blog, with recipes we use but also ones I find online that I want to try etc. Anyone interested if I get that up and running??? Then you can enjoy what we enjoy too :)
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  1. Love all the goodies you've received in the mail, nothing like new scrap stash to cheer up a girl. The bambinos are cute. A recipe blog sounds like a good idea, then we can have our pudding and EAT it ....

  2. Hey Sharmaine, just checking in with you seeing what your up to and I see you have the cool uber book from Ali too! I got mine a few weeks ago and love it but kinda wished it had more Ali mini's in it, oh well that is just me. Love your layout about Dave below, very sweet, now can you send him here to do my ironing!! :)LOL

  3. Nice - what an awesome mail day!! :-) Look forward to seeing what you create with the kits. And enjoy that Ali E book - I have that one on order :-)

  4. yummm, Dave's recipes!!! : .)

    what was that last one, dumplings in syrup???

    {drooling already!}

  5. ha ha... nice!
    and yeah, i'm still sleeping with Ali's book by my bedside!!!! ssshhhh

  6. Hi Sharmaine
    I giggled at Elizabeths picture with the helmet on. So cute.

    Thanks for playing along.

    I would love a recipe blog. I don't cook as often as I should. Maybe that would inspire me.

  7. Yummy Goodies there Sharmaine! and love your LO for OLW :)

    have a nice day!


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