Sunday, November 02, 2008

A Day At The Zoo

and we didn't have to leave home...

Today after Church, after lunch, after watching Beethoven 3, after Dave had mowed the lawns and the washing was out. The girls got a little crafty with a paper kit they had been given

Lucy decided on a flamingo

Elizabeth a giraffe

Jessica opted for a zebra

and Megan wanted the monkey, which actually was a pair of monkeys and a bunch of bananas

3 cheeky monkeys

Little Miss Pink

Elizabeth was actually patting her giraffe

and Jessica's zebra was still wet.

And here are the animals in their native habitat ;)

Also scrapped today, using some more My Sweet Spuds :)

Dave and his brothers have this saying/joke about 'smart boy' clothes, so I thought of Smart Boy Tie when I first saw this photo of him and his youngest brother, Samuel.

I just love the Sassafras Lass products and that green paper, top left corner, is my all time fave and I think I might just have to get me another sheet when this one is all used up ;)
Hope you have a wonderful start to the new week, our Monday is jam packed!
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  1. Seriously, I LOVE skipping through all your stuff on your blog, haven't been by in a while so was just going back over a heap of your stuff and got a big laugh when I came across the cream buns! Love it. Thanks for the smile :)
    And now where and what are those cool animals. I would love to know where you got those? Lily and Jasper would love them. LOL

  2. those are adorable! what a fun project!

  3. grandma5:12 PM

    love the smart boy tie!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh my goodness, those animals are adorable! The girls should be very proud of themselves! :) They are taking after their mum, I see

  5. Gotta love your zoo - what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon - so glad you got to capture it with the camera. Love your layouts - that has got to be one of my all time favourite papers too.

  6. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Your girls are gorgeous and their critters fantastic too. What a lovely arty gift to receive. Never seen anything like it. Love the scrap-booking you are doing too.

  7. lovin' the zoo animals to bits!
    great work there


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