Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fluffing Up My Feathers

because I am so proud of all my Chickees!!

Today was sports carnival day for Elizabeth and Jessica, Megan had had hers earlier in the year, so Lucy and I went to watch. The both did really well, I love that they get, and I mean really get, that it isn't about winning, getting ribbons or any of that, its about getting in, having a go and above all that having fun. So today I was proud of them for doing just that but I was also over the moon, want to cry type of proud of Miss Elizabeth. You see for a kid who has only just learnt to jump I thought the sack race was going to be a huge challenge, instead today she showed me that it was a huge triumph!! THIS LITTLE CHICKEE CAME FIRST IN THE SACK RACE!

and even when she fell, which wasn't till the finish line, she STILL had a huge grin on her face, love her so much for that!!

She also ran 4th in her running race, 2nd in the egg and spoon and 3rd in the hold-hands-with-your-partner and run race.

Then this little Chickee ran so fast her legs didn't even touch the ground, see I have proof ;)

and came first in the running race, first in the sack race and got two 3rds for the three legged race and the frog on bat race (instead of egg and spoon. Was too windy so they used a table tennis size paddle and a beanbag type frog instead).

Megan also had a proud Mum moment. She won a colour in contest that was run for National Science Week. She won a dynamo torch and the teacher gave her the class certificate to bring home.
Much needed boost to that little Chickee's ego even though the torch came home broken because she had had it out in the playground :)
And then this little Chickee was so good this morning!
She sat and watched all the races, without complaining too loudly and did a great job of staying out of the way when the kids ran. Doesn't happen often,lol, so it was really nice to see today :)
Was a gorgeous day to be out watching the kids run around and was lovely to see them all have fun.
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  1. congrats girls..fantastic photos sharmaine.

  2. Congrats to all your Adorable Little Chickees!!! :)

  3. congrats to the girls!!!

  4. Grandma12:40 PM

    well done to all the girls, a very proud Mother and Grandmother!!!! - and I wasn't even there!!!

  5. Sharmaine.....I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee U girl!!!!!!!!!! And sooooooooooooo HAPPY U LEFT me a COMMENT on my blog...I had misplaced your email and lost your blog addy :(:(:(.....sooooo thank U my love for visiting me today and the congrats on the DT!!!! I have U faved now! :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    And congrats to your girls!!!!! They are getting sooooooo big!!! And BEAUTIFUL! :):):):):):):):):):):)


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