Thursday, November 06, 2008

So typical of Spring

Today was cold, rainy, thunder stormy, warm, sunshiny.... you get the picture?? So when it was nice we went outside, I took some paints out with me, then we rushed back inside when the rain started.

Had to take this photo this morning, she was pretending to be sad but it was her hair that I wanted to capture. It had just been put up but was already everywhere!

See what I mean??!

We got some bike riding in while the sun was out, but had to stop so we could get the washing in before it became wet again!

Have you seen what Miss Crafty Pants Mel is up to? She is hosting a month of Homemade Christmas Craft ideas. She is also calling for others to help out so why not head over, here, and read all about it. Wonder if she will lend me her crafty pants for a while cos I am at a loss of what to do for Christmas!!

Have to note this somewhere so doing it here and now, to date I have taken 5152 photos, well these are the ones I have kept! I have made 226 layouts, of various sizes, 25 pages in my art journal and made 17 mini albums. Just had to note this so I can refer back to it as the year comes to a close. Also, for interests sake, January had the most photos with 725 followed by June with 681. The month with the least was February with 415 (I get this one cos that's back to school month) then May with 421. 29 layouts for January, 21 for February, 24 for March, 21 in April, 18 for May, 23 in June, July was 26, August 16, September 14 and October I made 29.
I made this one today for the latest word at One Little Word, the prompt was listen. What an amazing word!! As a Mum of 4 its something I say often lol. I made this page because it is something I want my girls to learn. Something I hope they do. Something I hope they get.

Right, that's me and my lot so I am out of here :)
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  1. that layout!! such good words.
    and you are seriously rockin' on all your photos+layouts+minis!!! WOW!!!!!

  2. Oh I'm soooo far behind. Huge congrats on your OLW win, & your big mention on Scrapscene the other day ... looks like you are really going place!!

  3. i love this! lovely, esp all the misting :)

  4. what an amazing LO. your scrappin style is beautiful! :)


  5. what a great page!!

  6. Love your layout!! Good luck :)

  7. Love your take on the OLW, that photo is fantastic!!

  8. What a great layout!

  9. Anonymous5:06 AM

    I was looking for cute Christmas craft ideas and then I found your blog. Love my visit here.


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