Saturday, November 01, 2008

Sunshine and Parties

Always a great mix!!
Today I made this

and we headed out Shane and Anna's to celebrate the dedication of their kids and also Imogen's 3rd birthday. Some shots of the day

Miss Nicola

Master Alexander

The Moores, who are expecting No. 5 in June

The birthday girl

Anna is an amazing cake maker and todays was another amazing one

the birthday girl eyeing off the cake

also took some photos of my Miss Megan

who took the mask from her party bag, coloured the other side in black and ran around the house like this, straight from Mission Impossible lol

Will leave you with this,
Driving home we had to wait while a ship, loaded with zinc concentrate, went under the bridge. This conversation followed

Jessica : "what was on the ship"
Dave: "dirt"
Jessica: "Oh"
Dave: "they take the dirt and turn it into metal."
Jessica pondered then: "so my necklace is dirt?"
Dave: "no... remember the gold we found at Sovereign Hill where did you find it?"
Jessica: "I don't know"
Dave: "it was in the dirt" Hoping she would say metal, he then said "so what do you call gold?"
Lucy piped in with her answer "Treasure".
Made me laugh :)
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  1. you'll need to scrap that what a lovely day fo ryou all.Love Gail

  2. Too bad a cake like that would never survive the trip to the US. It is great. It seems you all had a nice time. My daughter would have done the same thing with the mask.

    She showed up to school and realized that everyone was in costume, so she turned her jacket into a cape, designed a badge for her chest and called herself a dragon tamer. (I would have just sat around feeling sorry for myself.)

  3. Love the conversation...too cute! And love that Sassafras on the card! The party and the cake...looks like a lot of fun and a lot of kids...and 5 on the way for that family...oh my!


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