Friday, October 31, 2008

Hooley Dooley Miss Hooley!!

What a day!!!

It started with an email to say that I was featured here. I was shaking with excitement and couldn't look!! I have since had a peek and OH MY, WOW!!! Am stunned and grateful to Angie for ever finding me (lol) and for the write up. I love her site and the wealth of information that she provides.

Elizabeth's kinder teacher had asked us to see our GP so we could be referred to an Occupational Therapist in hope that they could help us with Elizabeth's Gross Motor Skills, which are also delayed. So I rang on Wednesday and got an appointment for today. We dropped Megan and Jessica off at school and, rather than going back home, we headed into town to fill in some time before the doctors appointment. Had some errands to run and then I thought we would go to the Museum and see the new exhibition they have, Islands to Ice.
So we were in town before 9am, just in time to see this
It's the cat and fiddle, in one of the shopping arcades here in Hobart. Anyone who grew up here would have been to see it, it is a Hobart icon! On the hour the 'Cat and the Fiddle' song plays, a cow comes out from behind the moon, a dog appears and the dish and spoon also make an appearance. There used to be a fountain near there too, with squirty things that we all used to put our fingers over, but that was removed years ago and now there are shops in the 'fountain-less' space.
Errands run so now we went to the museum. Elizabeth was excited, she had been with her kindergarten class earlier in the year, so she knew what was what!
They enjoyed steering a bigger ships wheel

The loved the 'puddle' of ice that was on display

We left but still had time to fill so we went and had a babycino/caramel latte before heading down to the Drs. Short story about the Dr. appointment is that we got our referral and also one to see a paediatrician. So after we had lunch, our doctor's surgery is now located next to McDonald's so they girls love it when we have a lunchtime appointment, we headed to the place where we had to take the referrals.
We get there and the lovely receptionist informs me that the one and only paediatrician that they had resigned this morning! Perfect timing NOT. So she didn't know what was happening with appointments but once we get to see the occupation therapist they can refer us to a paediatrician outside their organisation. Now we just wait 3-4 weeks for the first appointment.
So by now I had a headache and would have loved to come home but it was only a bit over an hour till school pick up time so it wasn't worth coming home so we went to Kmart to kill some more time!!
Dave had a soccer game for work tonight. A friendly social game against another company, his side lost, with a bbq after. So its been a rather long day for me, glad the girls were tired and went straight to sleep.
And because of the way the day has been, I just had to get this one out and on to paper. Adore this photo of Miss Elizabeth.

As always thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a lovely weekend.
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  1. Thanks for the pic of the Cat and the Fiddle, makes me oh so much more homesick but I was able to show my hubby and explain about the mall in Hobart :p He knows all sorts of weird stuff now!

  2. haha oh, that clock, every school holidays as kids we would go watch it, back when they had all seat benches in there and no shops in the little part :)
    and the museum, i have pics of me with that wheel, many years ago :D
    thanks for the flashback :D hehe

  3. Anonymous6:02 AM

    HUGE congrats on getting featured on Scrap Scene! I am SO excited for you, Sharmaine!!!



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