Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet Saturday

It started early, well early as in normal time at our house, just after 6am lol.
For those concerned about Megan's hair, it washed out just fine. I hadn't teased it, just sprayed hairspray through it, lifting as I went, so it just need washing out and wasn't knotty. Jessica still had pink eyebrows today, hehe, but I got that off with some moisturiser.
Today we have had on and off rain, up till dinner time then it poured and still is, so we had time in and outside. Bits of gardening, planted some more seeds today. The girls did this

while Dave did this!!!

Yes he pulled out our Christmas lights, so now the decorating has begun! Tree etc won't happen till December but the outside has been started!
I started wrapping some Christmas presents today too and made this canvas for my sisters youngest daughter who is 1.

Also made my December Daily album, see post below :)
Something else that was on my to do list was to take photos of Jessica. Dave's Grandparents celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary in January and Dave's Mum is putting together a photo book and needs photos of each of the girls and of us. Now while I have really good photos of Jessica I don't have anything as current as the other girls so today I rectified that.
she really wanted to make a heart shape with her hands, I think she has been looking over my shoulder when I have been reading blogs and seen other people do this. Either way I love these photos ;)

and with that I am off to email Grandma with some photos :)
Seeya :)
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  1. Anonymous11:51 AM

    How I love those pictures! :)
    Send me some rain... I'm so boiling over here!
    I need rain. I need snow!
    Much love xx

  2. Such a sweetie! Love her smile!

    And great project!!

  3. Christmas lights already Sharmaine,
    a scary thought - wrapping presents too, I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping yet and just beginning to realize how close it is getting. Great photos by the way.


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