Tuesday, December 09, 2008

So He Got Me Strawberry Plants And I Got Him...

Yep I got him Buzz for the PS2. Lots of fun :)

Dave and I played last night and I am sure that the little commentator guy has it in for me, the comments he was making about me and my playing... just as well I don't have an ego that bruises easily!!!

I thought I would do a quick update while I had the chance. Today Lucy and I did the grocery shopping, including some Christmas things to our trolley as we went. About to head out again to pick up Elizabeth from Kindergarten before she has speech therapy. Then taking Lucy to Dave's work as Elizabeth has her Physiotherapy assessment this afternoon, the letter said not to bring siblings so dropping Lucy off on the way. Thankful that Dave can take Lucy and then get Megan and Jessica after school. The poor man has 3 trips away between now and Christmas so I am glad that today's appointment was at a time when he could help out.

Yesterday I did 2 pages in my December Daily album. Still not up to date but its filling up.

and again the blank pages are here.

I think I was kidding myself into thinking that no house guests would mean more time... It just isn't happening lol Tomorrow is a full day out with school events, looking forward to them. Dave has a meeting this afternoon to find out if the pantomime is going ahead, its meant to be on next week and they are way behind schedule. Will see what happens there :)
Ok off to get my kindergarten girl :)
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  1. oh I love Buzz, he cracks me up. I'm really (as in really, seriously) hopeless at the game though - I always lose.
    Loving the layouts too :)
    P.S. Do you have singstar too??? Now THAT i can win at (not through singing in tune mind you lol)

  2. Cool ... and your album is looking great. Do you print your photos yourself?

  3. Mel, you know I like to sing so yep we have singstar and I THINK I am better at that than Buzz *grin* but it's all fun :)
    Rachel, yep lol. Love Kodak's Easyshare system :)

  4. Hey I want to play sing star.....next time I am at your house. I love Buzz. We have it for our PS3. Love how your christmas book is coming along!!!

  5. Oh, your december album is beautiful :)

  6. your journal is gooding good, I'm behind too.

  7. Love the "19 sleeps to go" Sharmaine! Is it your house window? That's a very clever idea to countdown to Christmas!

  8. I love your December daily....it is so amazing!! As usual, your work is so inspiring...:)

  9. love your album sharmaine!! & i love the idea of the countdown of sleeps on the window...how adorable!!

    & 3 trips away for dave?! the poor guy!



  10. it must be so much fun playing! :D love your album and miss coming to your blog.

    hope all is well and have a great Thursday!

  11. ooh....lovely you guys alrady exchanged xmas gifts!

  12. I like your album. Very good idea and you are so creative with it.


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