Monday, December 08, 2008

A Picnic + An Anniversary + Lots Of Christmas=

Lots to show and tell!!!!

Rolling back to Friday night, I went with Allison and Fi to see this:

We went Gold Class, so it was very swish and we had dinner too, which was VERY nice :)

Saturday morning Dave put up some more Christmas lights

Even in the bathroom ;)

then we went for a tour to show his Aunt some more of Tasmania. Dave's Dad came for another stay on Friday so he came too. I got Dave to snap this for me. It is 'Sleeping Beauty'. As I was growing up most weekends were spent at either Mum's parents or Dad's parents places. Dad's side was past here so it has many memories for me and now I have a photo :)

We stopped at Huonville for lunch

by the river

with these as company :)

Saturday was also our 11th wedding anniversary. Dave had bought me these

12 strawberry plants. He was going to get 11, one for each year, but thought that would be silly so got 12.

Later in the day I completed another day in my December Daily Album

You can see my 'blank' pages here

Sunday we took the girls to see Father Christmas after Church. Then dropped Megan off at a birthday party at Mini Golf. In the afternoon Dave and I wrapped some Christmas presents, our secret Santa presents for our friends, and popped them under the tree.

Dave also pulled this out of the shed and placed out the front

A little boy from across the street was hanging out his bedroom window calling "Santa HEY Santa"....

Last night the Dave's Dad and Aunt were talking politics so I pulled out some scrap stuff and made this

and today our house guests left. Dave's Aunt was flying to the mainland for a look around so Opa took her to the airport. Snapped this before he left
And now I am up to date again and hoping to create some Christmas things today, or at least get my December Daily album up to date again :)
Ciao for now
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  1. You've been busy! Cool Christmas decorations lol at the little boy across the street heeheee.
    Happy Anniversary too. :)

  2. happy anniversary hun!! We're busy preparing for Christmas too ... but I guess it's a li'l bit warmer in your neck of the woods! LOL

  3. i think that is THE sweetest anniversary present i have ever seen!
    i'm really rather jealous, and might need to direct my bloke here ;)

  4. ohhh, wonderful new daily's. i love the shots and wow, you've been really busy!

    and your husband. wow. that's creative. i love it!

  5. awww, sooooo sweet! and pukey cute too (high compliment!)

    lovin' the dailies, but of course!!!

    glad you're finding the time to post!!! : .)

  6. Happy Anniversary! Such lovely photos. We want to bring Jonathan there! LOL!


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