Thursday, January 29, 2009

And Now We Are 6 :) :)

We waited at the airport for the 16.35 flight from Melbourne

and then she arrived, I think she was happy to be home. Is that a skip in her step I see??

and glad she is :)

Thank you Grandma for Megan's wonderful holiday!!

In other news, I was awoken, this morning, at 5.44 by Lucy watching telly because 'she couldn't sleep', we had been and done the grocery shopping before 9am, I took the girls to get their haircuts and then an icecream because they had been so good

Some sneak peeks at what I created with Scrap-n-Crop's February kit

The lovely Ronda had asked me to do two prompts for One Little Word and the new word is Living. I found it so inspiring I created 2 pages!!! This one

and then this one that I used for the site.

Ok so that's my Friday and now we are 6 again :)
And I am thankful for family.
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  1. With a welcome like that I bet Megan is glad to be home. Just love your layout shares - I truely don't know how to find the time to don it all.
    Just thought I would let you know that if you visit my blog you will see that you have received a tag. ( a nice one)

  2. "Now that's Living" ... I love it. oh to have no worries like that!

  3. Sharmaine your Little Mini is adorable!! And I Love your LO's! lovin all the paint as always:)
    Congrats on the prompts at OLW:0

  4. U amaze me my dearest!!!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE your work and love your OLW GDT LO....WOW!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):)

  5. HOLY cow!!!!!!!!Those layouts ROCK...i especially LOVE the 2nd one

  6. so glad your girl is home safe & sound! I bet she had stories to tell!

    thanks too for the bloggy award!

    unfortunately, there's no man in my life to say something nice to for step #1...would my Dad fit the bill??? : .)

    happy friday!

  7. Hi - I came across your blog by chance and think I know you from somewhere - maybe Karina Harback???? I was Lisa Triffitt - I live in Launceston.

  8. Nice to be all back together again huh! :-) She sure looks happy to be home.
    Love your Lo's. Look forward to the "reveal" of your SnC creations too. The mini looks very cool.

  9. Ok - so it is you!!! :) I can't believe how I just came across your blog like that!! I saw Karina today and asked her and she said it was you :) You are VERY talented!!!
    I cant believe you have four girls - just that we have four boys, and it seems very rare to see a family with four boys or four girls. We love having four boys though. Hope you dont mind me browsing your blog :)

  10. Happy for you!!! Definitely that was a skip. Your children are so adorable. I know you are equally happy to have her home!

  11. Love the green Lo. great design. Mika (

  12. love the lo's

    i think I need glimmermist :)

  13. Just had to say after reading about your daughter watching telly at 5.45am that Tay was up between 3-4 this morning playing her DS cause she couldn't sleep! Will be taking their DS's away from them at night I think!
    Loving your new LOs!
    Got any Masculine ones for me??

  14. wow, that is some gorgeous work!!! Love it :)


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