Monday, February 02, 2009

Getting Jiggy With It....

Well, trying to pretend I am lol
Warning this is a long and photo packed post :)
It's been hot and now its cold again.
While it was hot we did some of this...

I set up a cubby house outside with a sheet and some pegs, between the play stuff. They didn't stay in there, in the shade for long so that didn't work so well but I think I might use this idea again, when they are all at school, yes a long way off yet I know, and the weather is nice.. can you see me in under there with a book???? I dream of times like that lol You can just smell the serenity!
We did some of this...

because the trampoline is in the only spare space in our backyard Dave set up the blow up pool in the garage. It was FFFFREEEEEEZZZZZZZiNG!! It was so funny because Jessica was the only one to really enjoy it and she is the one that feels the cold the most, because of her heart stuff, but she was like a fish!
Oh and we did some of this....

Yeah I know its has absolutely nothing to do with the heat but they were yummmmmmma and Dave made then for us on Saturday morning :)

The big reveal of the Feb kit happened over at Scrap-n-Crop so I can finally show you my makings!

and for this mini album I printed off photos on the Canon Selphy, so then I didn't have to crop or round the corners, used the new laminator we bought and I laminated the photos so the mini can be used as a key chain or the likes.

You can see more photos and also what Rachel made with the kit in the gallery.

Saturday night Allison came over for dinner and a scrap. I made these two pages, in amongst the talking...

Last night we had more friends over for dinner, which was lovely, so the weekend has been full and busy.
Suzie, my Love Scrappin' boss woman lol, has awarded me these two awards

Thanks Suzie :) I pass these on to Mel, Tanyah and Sylvia

and Karen tagged me. You just go to the place on your computer where you store your photos, then to the sixth folder, then to the sixth photo. Take that photo, put it on your blog and tell it's story!

So this was the 6th photo in the 6th photo. Its of Jessica, 15 Feb 2003, watering the garden at our old house.

thought I would also share this one that was the 8th photo. Megan, who would have been 4, helping Poppy (my Dad) renovating and extending the house we lived in, we rented off Mum and Dad. They put on an extra bedroom and extended the kitchen/dining. All while we lived there and while Elizabeth was a baby.

looking at this photo I am amazed at how much weight Dad lost last year. Proud of him :) This is one of my fave photos when I look back through them :)
OK, and then I need to tag 6 people... So I am tagging anyone who wants a trip down memory lane and to share a photo and story :)
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  1. your welcome lovey...those pancakes look devine...and your layouts are just your pics too.

  2. Ta Sharmaine...I grabbed some LOs off your blog :) Check em out!

  3. Love all the photos and the scrapping. Sure wish I could get my dh to make breakfast sometime. Lucky you :) and as always, Love your layouts!

  4. Anonymous10:24 AM

    i totally love the feet picture!

  5. great layouts Sharmaine and yes those pancakes definitely look very yummy :)

    have a lovely week!

  6. Oh thanks so much Sharmaine!! I'm flattered. I'll mention the award on my next post. I hope you and your family are all well and happy!! Cheers!


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