Sunday, January 04, 2009


OK, for your comfort I will inform you that this is Dave blogging, not Sharmaine.

I have to offer sincerest apologies to my very understanding wife if my one and only attempt at blogging destroys all her work...

I am writing here just to confirm to Sharmaine that we have all missed her, and that it is only 9 hours till she walks back in through my front door (please please Mr Airport be nice to us!)

No doubt she will tell you all about what she did, but I thought I would mention what me and my 'boys' have done for the last 2 and a half days.

I woke them all up on Friday morning at about 4 am so that Mummy and Mashir could have showers. Also, it seems I have claimed duty for morning coffee making for all house guests, so that was also performed at 4am. Hope Grandma will drink the coffee I make her out of habit in the next couple of weeks!

Mummy, Poppy and Mashir left at 0430, all squeezed amusingly (at least for us on the outside) into the ute...
Needless to say I put the girls back to bed, and they were good and slept till around normal time, whereas I played the responsible father and ignored them until 8...

In order to fill in the day, we had Maccas hotcakes for breakfast around 0830, then we dawdled around waiting for shops to open at 9. We bought some more 'holiday cereal' for two reasons:1, I could!, and 2, it killed another two minutes of the loomingly long day! The fact that Mummy had already said on a number of occasions that we couldnt buy anymore had nothing to do with it!...Seriously!

A bit more shopping, saw Dad suckered into buying another dress for the pink monster Lucy and magazines for Billieboy, Jeje and Miggie. Of note again, was the fact that the mags had been previously rejected by mother...

The afternoon was slow... very slow.. and I will admit a bit emotional. Hanging out in the kitchen cooking tea by myself was no easy task. Dad often got the steam in his eyes...

Bedtime was about usual given the early morning, and the girls were good. Not a peep out of them. Unfortunately that meant I had the house to myself, and I dont do alone time very...umm...productively... I tried out my new 007 game on the playstation, which was fun, but too much like hard work! So I resorted to TV (surprise surprise) only to discover there was nothing I wanted to watch (surprise surprise)

Saturday was similar, We went for a slow trip to the supermarket to buy some tea and a slow walk through Kmart, I even resisted the urge to buy more Thomas...only just though, $1.50 clearance pieces were calling me!!!

Also to fill in the day we packed away all the christmas tree, inside lights and other paraphernalia (did you like that big word?) The afternoon was spent watching the cricket and playing computers.

The girls stayed up to watch Funniest Home Videos and were good when they went to bed. I got bored enough to play some Simgolf on the computer followed by watching Dr No and from Russia with Love...I love Fox Classics!!!

Anyways, now is Sunday Midday, we have been to church (I dont like having communion by myself, I must have got more steam in the eyes) and had the mandatory holiday cereal for breakfast and chips and dim sims for lunch.

Funnily enough, (which is two words I am using too often now!) my darling wife just rang from th Perth Airport to say they are leaving on time in a couple of hours. So all the driving is complete, with only a 4 hour flight, one hour wait and another one flight home!

Seeya soon Yummy!

Ooroos to yas all!

You have been blognapped!

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  1. ohmygosh, Dave! cute, silly, and touching all at once!

    right now, I don't know whether to be jealous of Sharmaine or supah happy that she has such a great guy in her life!!! (I'm going for the latter!)

    do you have older brothers, just like you? ; .)


    miss you, Sharmaine!!!

  2. Grandma2:07 PM

    I love that you have blognapped,Sharmaine's blog, and look forward to her comments when she gets home!! I also love the BIG words you used and it is amazing that you know how to spell them, not an ablitiy that you get from your mother! By the way, forget the coffee when I come!

  3. For the record Sharmaine, Dave did a good job when you were not around! Congrats Dave ... I don't think you would want Sharmaine away again right?! LOL :0

  4. LOL I loved this post :)

  5. Cheeky fella Dave, but oh so Hope your trip went well Sharmaine and I trust you enjoyed a warm reception on your return.

  6. Thanks for the update Dave and nice to hear that you miss Sharmaine. Glad she will be home soon for you - also looking forward to seeing her photo upload - I am sure she will have some great photos to share with us.

  7. Ok.....U are JUST the CUTEST husband EVER!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  8. Allison :-)9:07 AM

    Note to Dave (AKA DOX): I knew you would spoil the 'Guys' big softy!!!! Glad you survived...Just!!
    Note to Sharmaine (AKA champagne): Welcome home!!!!

  9. awwwww how sweet! :) I'm not sure Phil would ever do anything like this for me. hehe


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