Monday, January 05, 2009

Day 3 Of The Thomas Invasion

**Edited to add - this is the post I wrote on Thursday 1st January 2009 and I have just posted now, 5 Jan, with the photos**

The first day of the new year started with the sounds of Thomas Track being emptied out of boxes and on to the floor. Yep looks like 2009 would start as 2008 ended, with amass of Thomas!

they made people out of track

there were derailments

long windy tracks

and lots of smiles

They played while they watched Tinkerbell on telly, just a nice way to ease into the day!

Today Dave did some exercises with Elizabeth. The Physio had given us a list of what she would like Elizabeth to be able to do when we go see her again, so today Dave, with the help of the other girls, took Elizabeth through some of the exercises, they all had a laugh :)

Last night I scrapped my traditional New Years Eve layout, just a quick and simple layout with photos taken at dinner. My first double page 8.5x11 layout!

You can see last years layout here

And then I unleashed the monster that had been dwelling inside of me, awaiting it's time to return. That monster called creativity!! I had plans and I am proud to say I accomplished every single thing that I wanted to create today, plus a little more!!

Inspired by Dina and the way she paints/masks I made this card to go with my brother's wedding present.

My dilemma then was what do I put the card in, then I remembered this envelope I made before Christmas and hadn't used. It isn't really wedding-y but it does the trick ;)

I completed off my December Daily album today.

Here is a side view of the, now chunky, album

Here you can see the blank 'before' pages, if you would like to see how it has developed and you can also see all the pages of my album, in one place here on flickr.

One Little Word challenges are back for 2009 and the first word prompt is Start. So I got right in and started

I also wanted to make something for my 'word' for this year. Last year I chose Thrive. This year I have chosen create. This year lots of our friends or people we know are having babies, no not us but thanks for thinking that ;). This year has a lot of new things happening for our family and 2009 is going to be another busy year. I am aware that I will need to create time for many things, time for family, time for friends and time for me. I also want to create new friendships in 2009 as well as develop those that are already created. And I want to create, just create. I want to grow in my creativity and the outlets in which I create. I want to use what I have and I want to use it wisely. So I created this today, as my reminder, using a small envelope.

The inside:

The back of the inside:

I am thinking I will write on the back, with some of the things I want to accomplish, or maybe some of the things I do in 2009?? Not sure of that one yet.
I also made this, which has been an idea in my head for a while.

Today Dave also put some nails in for me so I now have this pretty neat hang space

speaking of space yesterday I spent some time tidying up. I had bought these shelves
and the top basket contains punches, dymos, ribbon and flowers.

and now I will add to the photo overload by sharing the things I created for Scrap-n-Crop, with their January kit.

You can see all the creations that Rachel also made here
Will leave you with a photo of the sandals I bought to wear to the wedding.
**Edited to add - this is the post that has been waiting for me to add photos. Lovely blogger/Picasa have said I can't add anymore photos as I have reached my 1GB limit, sigh. So I have been through and deleted huge chunks of photos just so I can add these ones today. Not sure what I'm going to do for future photo uploads so will be finding a free solution to that problem! Had a nice trip to WA, will post later with photos and my goings on AND YES I DO HAVE A WONDERFUL BLOGNAPPING HUSBAND, whom I am glad to back home with!! Steam got in my eyes too ;) Back later **
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  1. woo hoo....go go thomas! lol

  2. What a post - love all the photos - love your album - always love checking out your blog Sharmaine

  3. Great post! It was well worth the wait. I Thomas is the cutest! My nephew was enthralled with anything train when he was your girls ages, and still is. He wants to be an engineer.

    I so enjoy looking at your scrapbooking art. I really need to kick myself in the pants and do at least a layout a week. You have so much to handle and yet you find time. You really do inspire me. :)

  4. Heyyy beaudiful Sharmaine !!
    Sorry haven't been visiting these days but here i am !! looks like you've been busy girl !! aweeesome stuffs there !!
    and... Happy New Year for 2009 for you and your family :)

  5. Hey Sharmaine..Love all the Pics and your layouts..Hope you had a great time in Perth!Check out my blog I have something for you.x

  6. wish i had such a big space for my boys to place their tracks and Thomas & friends! :D your work as always Sharmaine :) hope you're enjoying the start of 2009 and another year of seeing kids grow and us too! :D

  7. wow you have been so busy!I Love it all <3 Especially the daily album!

  8. I LOVE your OLW layout! So awesome!

  9. Love your december daily and seriously that post from Dave is the cutest. He is a keeper.
    And love your word create I had that two years back. its a good one. Your artwork you created for it with the bird is beautiful. I am sure 2009 you will CREATE lots :)

  10. love your mini book and all your inspiring art work. I hope the holidays were looks like they were!


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