Monday, January 19, 2009

Home Safe :)

We had a lovely time away. Traveling in the car was rather noisy but all good ;)

We had a lovely time with Dave's family as we celebrated

I think everyone should attend a 60th wedding anniversary, just as a reminder of the things that matter, family, marriage, love and the wonderful things that families pass on, generation to generation. LOVE THAT!!

Took loads of photos but won't share them cos I have them ready to print out so you will see them soon ;)

Today the girls have loved spending time with Grandma, Dave's Mum. Tonight, after bathtime, we played some UNO.

Will leave you with this page that I scrapped this afternoon, for Sally at Scrap Shop.

She gave me some Pearl Glimmer mist. You can't see it too well on this page so I will be experimenting with it a little to see if I can get better results. Here are some close ups of some of my favourite parts of the layout :)

See the tape I bought the other day :)

We are still in the process of discussing what adventures we will get up to tomorrow but I have no doubt we will all have a fun day with Grandma :)
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  1. Allison :-)9:25 PM

    Sounds like it was all fun and good!! Love Love LOve the layout!!
    and *Waving* Hi to Grandma!!!

  2. top TOP-notch LO!!!! Incredible layering & colour combo's. Rool on Sharmaine & 2009 !!!

  3. 60 years is fabulous! Wow! I hope mine last that long. Your layout looks great too :)

  4. great page! suuuper cute. congrats to your inlaws, 60 years is amazing!

  5. have fun with your family!!
    & i LOVE your l/o! GORGEOUS texture & what a photo!!



  6. What a great occassion 60 years - it is wonderful to have a family heritage of such love and devotion. Glad you got to celebrate it with them. Just want to let you know too Sharmaine that I just love love love your layout.

  7. Hello ((((hugs))))
    Sounds like a wonderful time! My dd loves uno. 60th wedding anniversary...congrats to them!

    Loving the lo...thanks for the close ups also!

    Enjoy whatever adventure there is and if there isn't one play UNO!! ~:O)

  8. OMG I love this LO Sharmaine!! Sorry I have been MIA for so long.

  9. Sharmaine,
    Just spending some time looking through blogs, and thought that I would come for a visit.

    Pleased you had a wonderful night and WOW is all I can say about the layout it is stunning.



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