Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Weather

was a good excuse for staying home and indoors today!

They were predicting hot and windy. Windy it was REALLY was, hot... not so much. It got rather warm but because we were inside, out of the wind, we didn't feel it. It got so windy that Dave pulled the net on the trampoline down and even tied it down, there was a time when it got a little airborne!

This morning we spent some time sorting these

Each of the girls have gone up shoe sizes, in a blink of the eye! Elizabeth has even gone up 2 sizes, skipping a whole shoe size! So today we pulled out all the shoes and sized them all up and now we are ready for the new school year... well sort of lol still 3 weeks to go.

Tonight we had our 2nd phone call of the day from Megan. She is having a wonderful time, shopping and haircut today, and we all had a chat with her

poor Jessica had a bleeding nose part way through her phone conversation

Today I scrapped this quick one of Dave.
That's about it, love you Megan and hope you have a fun time at Fairy Land :)
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  1. Shoes...Ugh. I buy James sneakers and they seem to fit for a while and then one morning you wake and find you are shoving his foot into them. Then you go to the shoe store and he didn't go up 1/2 a size but a size and a 1/2. Crazy I know. I can't imagine doing it for several children at a time.


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