Friday, January 23, 2009


My new word! It was the word verification on a blog I just commented on, like it??
Wasn't going to blog...
But seems I have?!
I just spoke to Miggy Wiggy Poo Poos on MSN
darn you webcam why can't you work when I want you to?!!

Spent some of the day with friends, aka SamuelBradley, aka Karina and her boys.
Spent some of the day in the garden

The people over the road are having a party
A LOUD party
A party where kids are out on the road rollerblading....


Seems I am spilling randomness onto this post...

adding new songs to my playlist
still have room for 59 more songs....

Dave is fixing Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights that a lovely person decided to try and nick off our house...
Phoolies to them!!!
they didn't succeed
Phoolies to us!!!
but they did break the wires, grr
Dave is fixing Christmas Lights while watching the cricket.
Love you Dave

If I could paint my life with one colour what colour would it be?

Can you tell I am tired????

and out :)

PS Megan, I love you and hope your Saturday with Grandma is FUN FUN FUN!!!!!
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  1. Hi, so nice to see you back!!! Mika (

  2. grandma10:40 AM

    Yes we are having lots of FUN FUN shame you are all not here!!!!!

  3. megan kruijver10:44 AM

    we are going to do the jobs first and then go to sovren hill to go to the new min bit and get some gold I LOVE YOU

    bye meganxxxxxxxoooooooxxxxxooooxxxxxooooxxxxooooxxxxooooxxxxooooxxxxooooxxxoooxxxxooooxxxxooooxxxxooooxxxxoooxxxxooooxxxxoxoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoox

  4. Anonymous10:45 AM


    from megan

  5. Glad to see Megan checking in on your blog here.

    Phoolie - Caitlin at four as a person cuts her gramma off on the road:
    "Call him a fool gramma!" I guess we can change that to phoolie!


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