Friday, February 20, 2009

1 Tent + 5 Aprons = Happy Days

Today has been dreary, dull and sometimes wet.
So I pulled the sunshade out of the garage, set it up in the lounge room and made one little girl happy!

She also got to play on Daddy's computer, making her happy too!

Dave had a trip up North today.
He called in to see his Mum, who has been staying with his Grandpa. She flew out today, back to Victoria, so it was brilliant timing. Dave was given somethings that had been Grandma's. So each of us girls were given an apron. I happen to love this little red one that is reversible.

and the girls love theirs

Megan especially. She has taken hers to hang in her room. She still gets sentimental at the thought of Granny.

Elizabeth just loves aprons as she loves anything related to cooking AKA food lol

And Lucy got the animal one and loves it

I was meant to go with Dad to a cousins wedding tomorrow. Mum is still with my sister so I was going in her place, but Dad is sick, again, so we aren't going. Dave is now playing soccer tomorrow afternoon so the weekend has been filled back up again :)
Will leave you with my favourite photo from today, we had fun taking it :)

*edited to add*
Thanks everyone for your comments on my previous post, I appreciated your comments. I often blog and then wish I hadn't bared so much of myself, but glad you respected my vulnaribility and got what I was talking about!
Dear Anonymous who likes my music... THANK YOU :) It's nice to know someone likes something I do lol but also that you liked it enough to come back. Hope you don't stay anon for too long :)
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  1. you all look so cute with your aprons. :)
    and they are such a lovely memory.

  2. Love the feet picture.. so sweet. I see a layout of that in your future ;)

    and the aprons are precious :)

  3. it's nice to know your girls have something to remember Granny by. thanks for sharing.


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