Thursday, February 19, 2009

I am my own group

That's what a friend and I discussed today lol
We talked about how we wondered if we have lots of 'groups' of friends whether our kids will too.
She tossed into the conversation the fact that I don't have one group of friends that I am 'tight' with, that I have many circles of friends and I suppose that I am happy being my own group ;)
Now don't get me wrong, I do have friends, just not a group that I 'hang with' all the time. There are people who I call real friends, people from different circles and I guess my closest person, the one who gets me completely and knows everything about me is Dave. I don't think there is one friend out there that knows everything about me. For instance if you asked them what my sisters name was or even what my birthday is, you would be hard pressed to find a friend who knew. But I find things like that important, so always have birthday's on the calendar, and try to pay attention to the little things that go on in people's lives. I'm not being high and mighty in saying this, just found it an interesting observation that she made. I do get lonely, not having 'tight' friends but I am happy with who I am and so it doesn't usually bug me. I don't like cliques and I am friends with everyone, even if it is only to say hello and smile. I have always been someone that will talk to those who get ignored, and always ready to say hi to the 'in' crowd. I don't like division and I do love being friends to all. I don't have a 'tight' relationship with my family but would defend them and be there with the drop of a hat. My wish is that people would accept people for who they are, be kind and always look in the mirror before they pass judgement. Be the friend that you would want to have.
I want our girls to grow up being happy spending time with themselves, being their own friend and allowing others to see the good friend in them too. I hope that they follow their own heart and become their own person. So it means that they become their own group then so be it! What makes me smile is watching each of them and already seeing glimpses of this, they are become young ladies who include and watch out for others, young ladies who will stand up for things that are right and good and young ladies that I already admire because they are their own group :)
Ok enough brain mush and drivel, just had to get it out and re-reading it I don't think I have put it down the way I wanted to but it's there now...
yesterday my little helper and I made choc chip cookies

and they were good!!!!!!!!
Last night Megan had her first Guides for the year and Dave had a game of social cricket, through work, so I took Jessica, Elizabeth and Lucy to Hungry Jacks before we went back and collected Megan, who chose to have KFC for dinner, no surprises there!!
I also scrapped this page yesterday

Did you see the American Crafts Rubons?? Megan loves this 'stereo' one

Today Lucy and I went visit my pal Kanina before coming home for lunch and pottering around home. Dave was home when we got back from the school pick up, yay, and had coffee awaiting, yay again!
Will leave you with this photo I snapped of Lucy today. She was busy playing picnics all by herself and I just loved watching her.
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  1. jane fitchett9:03 PM

    totally here you on the friends thing- im very much the same, and so is chloe. ultimately i think its a better way to be.....
    love reading your blog :)

  2. jane fitchett9:06 PM

    ...that would be 'hear' you.....
    i used to be a good speller.......

  3. Your words touch me on soooooooooo many levels! :):):):):)

    LOVEEEEEEEEE the LO!!!!! The colors are sooooooooooooo FUN! :):):):):):):):):)

  4. Thanks for showing your "true colors" LOL! but that's what I love about you .. ;o)

  5. I'm a bit like you.. I don't really have a close network of friends, but I'm working on it. For me moving so far away from home and leaving all those friends behind was so hard and making new friends and keeping them is even harder. Love what you said about being the friend you'd like to have :) This is a great subject that I think we as women don't talk that much about.
    BTW... my husband is my best friend too and I think it is great!

  6. Hello sweetness.

    I am so happy that you always leave me the best comments. I absolutely love that you support us! Thank you my dear. You are the BEST!!!

  7. Just read your "my own group" post!! love it and totally agree that I am my own group ♥ My dd has learned to be hers too! I smile to know that she is friends to the underdog and loved by many but holds her own happiness in what she has learned~ as you say "to be her own group!"
    I thank God for it too, as we moved around the US with husbands job, dd attended 7 schools by her seventh grade in school!!

    Love all your eye candy and you are becoming quite the cute to watch the lil ones play! (((((((hugs)))))))

  8. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I happened upon your blog a few weeks ago, and I find what you say very thought provoking.
    I like to read about your little family, and especially like your music selections.
    I like to go to your blog, and leave your music going all day to keep me company, and quite often, I will find myself saying I know that song and LOVE it!!!!!

  9. hmmm - I'm wondering whether that anonymous comment is from my Mum. It sounds like her - she loves music and I remember her telling me she has someone's music on all day.

  10. I want our girls to grow up being happy spending time with themselves, being their own friend and allowing others to see the good friend in them too. I hope that they follow their own heart and become their own person. So it means that they become their own group then so be it!

    When I read this I thought of my own girl whom I was speaking with yesterday. I asked her about some classmates and she told me how at the beginning of the year they were friendly, but as the year has progressed...not so much. My daughter doesn't share much, so I still wonder how much that bothers her or if she is enough of her own person yet to let it roll off her back.

    Great post.

  11. Anonymous10:15 PM

    I so wish I had read this post before doing my homework this afternoon! I'm studying counsellig and I had to do exercises regarding persoanl growth, and relationships. After reading your post, I have finally realised that having my 'own group' isn't such a bad thing, and in fact I can be quite 'normal' in this reality. Such a shame I have already put my answers in the book in ink. Maybe I'll have to put a foot note, pointing the tutor to your site lol cheers Gail O [GG]

  12. I feel just the same about friends - love your post!

  13. love the aprons :)

    I'm the same on the friend scene my closest friend lives 3 hours away but I think Im okay with having Darren my partner as my bestest and a couple of friends who know me really well.....

  14. ohhh i love how you did the journal lines in your karaoke page


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