Sunday, February 22, 2009

Now That She is 10...

Before she turned 10 Dave had told Megan that he would show her how to mow the lawns when she was 10. So today was the day.

First the safety talk

then how to turn it on

then how to push

and then away she went

Mum has also told her that she can learn to use the sewing machine when she is 10, so that is Mum's job when she returns. When Megan visited Grandma she was shown how to use the iron, just love that other people are able to input into her life in such ways :)

Today has been a day around home. So after a slow start to the morning I made Brunch for us all, scrambled eggs, bacon, baked beans and Dave made some small sized pancakes.

This afternoon Elizabeth had a birthday party to go to. So we made a card

and had a nice afternoon, she didn't want me to go and I was happy to stay. While I was away Dave washed the dining room curtains. They were filthy! Little hands have walked past many times and left all manner of grot on them, ie yoghurt, tomato sauce etc!! So now we have nice clean curtains again :) Thanks Dave.
And that was our Sunday. Today was the National Day of Mourning for the Victorian Bushfires, remembering those who lost their lives in the bushfires of 2 weeks ago, remembering those who have lost so much and also to remember those who are still fighting the fires.
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  1. Awwwwwwwww those are some precious moments right there Sharmaine! :):):):):):):)

  2. I didn't learn to run a mower until much older and I can only start an electric mower for some reason. I remember having to go across the street to a neighbor when I was alone to start the mower for me. I couldn't stop it or it would turn off. My roommate and I, when I was younger, had a manual rotary push mower. That was better, but very hard work. Our yard was so small we were able to mow it with a weed eater.

  3. I STILL don't know how to use a lawnmower - and I'm keepin' it that way! ;)

  4. congrats on the deade Birthday!

  5. ooops! DECADE Birthday.

  6. grandma12:43 PM

    yeah to Megan!!now she can do our lawns when she comes instead of Grandpa!!she had an easier lesson than her father with the old push mower, eh! David!

  7. Allison :-)3:03 PM

    Well done miggy!! You can come mow my lawn to hey......LOL......Huggles.


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