Monday, February 23, 2009

Let Them Eat Cake

Today Lucy and I made Apple Tea Cakes.

I misread the recipe, added 1 1/2 cups of milk instead of 3/4 so we made double the recipe. This made 2 round, 2 heart shape (as I didn't have any other tins deep enough) and 7 muffin/cupcake-y apple tea cakes.

She loved putting the apple on and kept saying, oops I got it on me... lick!!!

She also had to wear her apron, kept saying I should too and even said she wouldn't get messy when I said to step back when I added the flour!!

Once the cakes were cool I sliced them and bagged them up to freeze for school lunch boxes.

Something else Little Miss Lucy did today, was this, with my coffee cup

Wanna see some of what I made for Scrap-n-Crop??? There are 2 kits for March, here are some sneaky peeks from one kit.

The kits will be available 1st March. Will show you some sneak peeks from the other kit tomorrow :)
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  1. Anonymous10:01 PM

    Yummm, those cakes look yummy! Lucy is a real little cutie :) & i have that exact same coffe mug!!
    --- Lauren x

  2. hehehee you've had a busy day :-) Like the pics of your little helper. Too cute.
    And you samples for SnC look great. Can't wait to see the reveal. :-) I was going to blog some of mine tonight, but realised I haven't taken pics! duh! Actually I've only done one kit, about to start the second one tomorrow (nothing like leaving it to the last minute huh!).

  3. oooh...cakes look yummy!!! i must pop by tasmania one day! lol...

    kit lookin good...can't wait!

  4. Love your layout peaks :) and your daughter is so adorable... and your cakes look so yummy.. I miss cake :)

  5. Cakes look magnificent! I love the cute pics of Lucy :)

  6. wow, those apple cakes look soooo yummy! You can come cook for me any day ;) lol. can't wait for the whole reveal.

  7. simply yummeroonee! Care to mail some over to Singapore? lol! Lucy really looks cute in her animal apron.

  8. cakes look good, I need to bake more but just run out of time
    hope your mojo comes back quickly, like the arty glimmermisting on your lo :)

  9. Anonymous4:24 AM

    these are looking to yummy! makes me wanna pop by your house! ha ha.
    oh and i love that 'LIVE' picture!


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