Saturday, February 14, 2009

Snapping Saturday

Thought I'd share my day in snaps...
Around the garden.

It's grown since the last photo(s). Here is the other side

Not many lettuce leaves in view because we have picked a few...

spied this today

everything is ripening up so much later this year. Picked the last of our apricots today and ate some of the first nectarines. Out in the front garden I spied this

Glorious Glady!

This afternoon we went to a friend's to celebrate her son's 6th birthday

Some played in the sand

Some played and watched cricket

Some smashed the bee-jingles out of the pinata!

And that's that!
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  1. what about the "knickers" ;-) was expecting you to say something....LOL
    Huggles and hope you have a nice day tomorrow

  2. Hi Sharmaine, just checking in and sad to read through your blog and see a few lows of late, sorry to hear that and hope that you have a few more highs from now on.
    Love your travel album, looks cool.
    All the best, E.

  3. I am so jealous of all that sunshine! Its so cold here! enjoy the weekend!

  4. Sharmaine, what a gorgeous Gladdy - it is ages since I have seen one, they used to be used in floral arrangements all the time, but haven't seen them at all of late. Love the rich red colour too. Your garden looks great - wish we could get motivated to get ours going again also - trouble is, we really only have a few months of the year where anything will really grow - too hot most of the time. Love your photo updates.


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