Friday, February 13, 2009

She Completed Her Mission

Yep, she did it!
Today she made Megan a card, completing her mission of making all three of our school girls a card.

Here are some other things she did today too.
She picked some flowers that we put in some water and placed in the middle of the dining table

She played dressups and I think she was teaching her toys a dance, not sure because each time I looked she stopped and wouldn't go again till I left the room or stopped looking.

Dave bought me a present today. I don't think it was a pay back?! Yesterday Lucy and I bought him some Thomas set, just cos I love him. But today he came home with this, because he loves me.

A protea plant. I had wanted to buy one and plant for 2 reasons. It's Bron's favourite flower and because I wanted to remember her unborn baby. It also works well because tomorrow, valentines day, would have been Dave's Grandma's 82nd birthday. So this afternoon we planted the protea in the middle of our front lawn.

Will leave you now with the mini I made for Karen's Scrappin' Kupboard, using the Teresa Collins Travelogue range.

and it still has many blank pages waiting to be filled ;)
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  1. awesome -love it
    TC papers are my favourite

  2. That plant is amazing! Your garden must be so different from mine.

  3. wow. i love that. The inking is so amazing! Very cool!

  4. Hi Sharmaine! I totally LOVE your mini! Oh, so awesome! The colors the papers the photos - so COOL!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Awesomeness, your garden grows so well. I love your planting in the mid of your grass ♥

    Cutesy lil girl playing!!

    Love the mini for absolute sure! TFS

    Have a fab day - Valentines day is my sisters birthday also.


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