Friday, February 27, 2009

We Are All Different

and one of the things I love about being a parent is watching the different ways kids develop and learn. Lucy is 4 and can spell her name and has just shown us that she can also spell Elizabeth's. She can write L for her name and that's it. She can identify most numbers and letters and today sat at Dave's computer and we talked about the numbers, letters and the sounds those letters make.

Whereas on the other hand Elizabeth said today that a kid at school said that she talked differently. So we talked about how yes she does talk differently but we were getting help for that and that her muscles didn't know how to make some sounds so it will be lots of practice.
Jessica just read her home reader book and blew me away with how well she comprehends bigger words and does so well with her reading.
Megan came home tonight with a note, from her teacher, in her homework diary. It said "Thank you for your hard work and positive contributions to our classroom". I am so glad, and now teary, that the change of schools has bought our wonderful daughter back, that the teachers only sow positive stuff and that we reap by having such a positive kid.
Yep I love how they develop and learn.
Ok. With that out I just have to write that this week I have felt unusually down. I am putting it down to being bored and feeling blah. Bored as in I haven't felt like creating, when I do I don't enjoy it. I have tried reading books on creative stuff and it hasn't helped. Wanting to try new stuff but just not feeling enthused when I try. Anyway I am just writing this, not to moan or dwell but rather because I have something to give you all. Giving lifts my spirit so I am giving you this Lily. Dad gave it to me the other day, when we were there, and today I photographed the new flower that had opened.

Ciao :)
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  1. (((hugs))) from someone who is feeling a little of the same as you this you already know ;)
    Each one of your girls are so special and them all so dearly.

  2. Anonymous8:53 PM

    Thanks for the Lilly, and thanks for being such a special Mum, the world needs more mums like you.
    Love Gail

  3. I'm so so happy you were able to share with Elizabeth the truth. It's really a tough world for our special needs children and I'm thankful to read this encouraging journal and that you are ever so positive. Hugs n kisses to u and your girls ;o)

  4. Lilies are my favorite flowers! and yours is so pretty. I feel we don't have to be creative all the time. I know we may want to, but who has that much energy, really? :) I don't.

  5. beautiful flowers
    hope you have a better next week :)

  6. reading about the girls adventures at school! I miss that. Now Rachel comes home with the drama of the day, jk. ha ha.

    Have a fabulously scrappy day today, alright!
    Love the lily btw ~:O)

  7. Anonymous7:59 PM

    A lot of the time I go through really sad and frustrating time because I live so far away from my besties.
    And you are one of these people.
    I wish we will meet some day.
    Love xxx


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