Wednesday, February 25, 2009

She Declared it "The Best Birthday Ever"

Until it was time to go to bed and then it wasn't the best any more lol.
Our princess, Miss Lucy, turned glorious 4 today

Opening the presents, she got cash, a doll, a tshirt, a pair of shorts, some puzzles and some glow in the dark stars.

The cake had to be pink and the Dora was an added bonus!

Her she is in her new tshirt, can you read that Grandma??!! and no she isn't saluting she is holding up 4 fingers :)

We spent the morning at my Dad's, visiting Poppy. Both he and Lucy loved it ;) After that Lucy and I went to spend her birthday money, purchasing another dolly, one that makes noise as well as moving her arms and legs when you squeeze her belly, and some dolly bits and a toy nappy bag that came with all sorts of cool dolly things ;)
We went to McDonalds for dinner to round up the "best birthday ever" before dropping Megan off at Guides.

This afternoon I finished off the canvas, that I mentioned in yesterdays post. So will leave you with close ups and photo of that :)

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  1. Allison :-)8:25 PM

    our canvas rocks..completely love it!!!!
    Happy birthday miss lulu...thankyou for talking to me on the phone this morning!!

  2. Cool canvas.

    Glad the birthday went well. Still loving the idea of cake for breakfast!

  3. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!

    cool canvas! :)

  4. Happy Birthday Lucy! Wishing you God's blessings all the way from Singapore!

    Love the technique on the canvas!

  5. Heyyy Happy birthday to your LUcy !!
    she is such a gorgeous girl with beaudiful big blue eyes ;)

  6. Happy birthday Lucy!!!!!!!!

  7. that canvas!!

  8. Happy belated birthday Lucy. Sounds like you had a fantastic day :-)

    That's a very awesome canvas Sharmaine, love it.

  9. Woohoo what a lovely cake, happy b-day to the princess!!

    The canvas is most awesome! Live love laugh, thats my modo for 2009! I wrote it somewhere on a blog...oh on myspace scraplovers.
    I have to give the paint medium a larger part of my attention in coming months. I have done watercolor paintings...long ago and freelance/amateur, ha ha!
    Right now I am about to start a crochet project, another family altered book (the first is lost somewhere between my sisters) and of course scrapbooking/papercrafting ~:O)

    Have a most fantastic scrapfull day!

  10. OMG! I love this canvas! SO amazing! You rock lady!

  11. this is awesome girl!
    wow! wow! wow!

    and of course happy happy birthday - glad it went well and breakfast! wow! that's another new interesting one.


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