Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Can Feel It In My Fingers...

I am starting to find my groove again.

Today was another day around home, spying the signs of Autumn.
Picking some apples from the tree

This lone leaf on the lawn

Crocus popping through the soil

This one which I just can't think of what it's called

Today I received these yummys that I purchased from Liberty Aspen on Etsy

They were so good I had to use some straight away! Cracked open the stamps for this page which is full of Sassafras Lass, some new and some not so new.

added an epoxy sticker over the button sticker

used some wood grain contact and my Fiskars punch

one of the things I love most about the Sass stickers is that I can cut them up

I am starting to find my groove again.
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  1. Indeed you are finding your groove again and it's changing!! love it.


  2. oh, what a perfect picture of the rose! You could frame that one.. I love it! :) as I do most everything you do, you're so talented. I love watching your seasons change opposite of ours.. It is very interesting. Of course, we have winter longer than most folks..

  3. Anonymous2:24 PM

    himummy whats up free choice and tiping up a news papper

    i love you

  4. Funny, I have those same little stamps.
    Your flowers are beautiful.

  5. Wonderful lo!
    Lovin the apple picker ~:O) Cute photo.

  6. wow! nice to see a different style here. you're truly good and amazing. :)

  7. megan8:55 AM

    hi bonnies next to me at the mommont she said 'love the layouts'
    love u bye megan


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