Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing...

Thanks to Spicks and Specks I have this song stuck in my head, again! It is one of those songs that often get stuck there, being hummed as I go about my day.
Tonight Elizabeth lost her 3rd tooth as she was brushing her teeth.

Dave saw the gap, asked when she lost the tooth and she just fished it out of her mouth. It's her 3rd one from the bottom row, none from the top yet.

I scrapped this page today

It's another "not 12x12" because I ripped the top off the sucker ;)

OK that's me, over and out :)
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  1. Goodness it was only the other week that E was talking about more wobbly teeth.....she needs to stop growing up!!!!
    Love the layout looks cool!!

  2. oh my goodness. she is so adorable. she's losing them and Harrison is just getting them in. he is getting four new ones at a time. yikes!

    love the layout. i like the torn top and the tie. very cute.

    now i'm humming Dirty Laundry. love that song. gonna have to see if i can find a CD.

    have a great Wednesday sweetie.

  3. I've gotten that song stuck in my head before. I remember the Coke commercial from when I was a kid and I loved it :) Cute picture of Elizabeth!

  4. Thanks. Now I am singing it too. There are worse things to have stuck in your head.

  5. Love the weave of fiber in this lo. You on a tare with this lo ha ha I have been changing the size of my lo's and other stuff lately. I keep wondering what album I will fit them into!?! Have fun always have fun!! (((hugs)))

  6. i like that LO! my girl is also losing her tooth ;)

    have a fabulous weekend!

  7. Anonymous9:49 PM

    I haven't scrapped in so long, due to lack of time and inspiration, but YOU really inspire me to get back to it. Thank you so much. With the school hols coming up, I'll have the perfect excuse to scrap. GG


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