Sunday, March 08, 2009

MI... AKA 1001!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yep post 1001 and it's a long one...

Friday night Megan was at a school sleepover/camp. It was held overnight at school, just the grade 3 and 4's and they slept in tents on one of the ovals. They had a fantastic time and we went to pick her up 8am Saturday. This is a photo looking across half of the oval so you can see the sea of tents.

We took the girls then to McDonalds for breakfast then home before Dave went to play soccer (they won 1-0).

Allison then came for dinner and a scrap so I roped her in to assist the girls in some scrappin'. I think they all enjoyed the process lol
and here are their pages




and Megan's

Today we didn't go to Church, opting for sleep ins, housework and just time at home together. So I thought I would play eye spy with my camera, seeing as I haven't done that in a while ;)

Spied some Dancing Ballerina's dancing to the Bee Gees

Some ready to be picked and eaten broad beans,
Elizabeth's kindy class had each planted a broad bean plant for their parents for Christmas last year. Her plant has thrived in the garden and today we picked, podded and cooked the beans we found.

Spied other yummy goodies from our garden

Spied some graffiti on a calendar
and was glad of those kisses and cuddles today.
Today was sheet washing day. Dave strips and remakes the beds, LOVE YOU DAVE, and today he made each of the girls beds and I spied this today which made me laugh and smile.



and Megan's

He also made dessert. He called it vanilla surprise. I spied the surprise, do you??!!
Was just a vanilla variant of Lemon Meringue and he had added green colouring to the custard... I'd like to say it's a boy thing but...
Today I scrapped this page, yep it's 12x12 lol

Had downloaded this free template, printed it out on canvas photo paper, cut out the Friday one, sprayed it with Jazz Blue Glimmer Mist, added the journaling and then stapled it onto my page.

Don't often use digi/printed/downloaded things to my page but really want to do that more.
Last night, while Allison was here, I worked on this canvas, which I finished off today.

Ok so here endeth this rather long post.
I am off to watch CSI!!
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  1. Love how Dave made the girls beds :-) Very cool ... bet they loved it too.
    Not so sure about the green custard though LOL
    The girls Lo's are great ... they sure have talent! Yours is lovely too. Cool pics of you and Lucy.
    Funky canvas too. You have been a busy bee!

  2. Can I borrow your hubby to do Jonathan's bed? LOL! So nice of him to do just that. Nice LOs by the girls. Unique!

  3. Dave is just the coolest!!!

    I love the kidlet scrappy pages!!! The girls are so talented, just like Mom!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog, that put a BIG smile on my face!!!

    (And "my" word verification "gyrace." is Universe trying to tell me something?! : .)

  4. Hi there, what great layouts your kids have made. Aren't they talented. I don't share my stash with my kids although they do pinch things for school projects when they think I'm not looking!
    Speak soon
    Debs xxx

  5. *sigh* I loveeeeeeeeeee the girls' pages....looks like they got Mama's gene's :):):):):):):):):)

    And LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE that graffiti on the board....I want that graffiti!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

    And soooooooooo LOVING how Dave made the beds....PRECIOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  6. Your 1001 post is filled with so much sweetness and love.. it is all precious. I've never heard of a campout sleep over before.. I bet it was so much fun! Your girls definitely got art talent from mom! and your dh.. what a sweet man! beds & desert! :)

  7. love the green and teal on the l.o. and the fab textures on the canvas! way to rock it lady!

  8. this is so cute! you have a fabulous family!
    you are so talented... you rock my socks off!
    i love love love love love your blog!
    love you :)

  9. Anonymous6:09 PM

    Wow aren't your girls showing some real scrapping talent Sharmaine! I just love watching the girls changing and growing. Thanks for letting us into your busy lives. Melis xo

  10. I hate when I think I have posted something only to come back and see I didn't.

    I love your canvas. The colors are wonderful. I am sure the girls enjoyed finding how their beds were made.

    Congratulations again on all your posting. May I grow up to be as prolific a poster as you.


  11. that is so cute! i love how your hubby made the bed. he is a keeper!!!


  12. I love my CSI too! How about NCIS?
    Meanwhile I love the "messy" artwork of the look and see page! Just my style!


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