Monday, March 02, 2009

Post 997!!

Yep I am nearing the thousand mark!! It's almost my Blog's 3rd birthday (17th March 2006 was my very first post). So to mark both of these momentous occasions I will be having a mammoth give away. Will start with my 1000th post, which should happen this week, and go through till the 17th of March, for the 3rd birthday celebrations. Will give you more details later :)
Right on to this rather long, photo filled post that is 997!

Saturday night I made Pizza for Dave and I. I used this recipe, ended up making a double batch as a single seemed too small. I love a pizza with lots of crust and lots of topping so that's what I made!

Topped it with tomato paste, bacon, salami, a little cooked sausage meat that was sliced, sun dried tomatoes, capsicum, bocconcini, cheddar cheese, Also used, fresh from our garden basil, oregano and thyme. I forgot to add the BBQ sauce till it was ready to cook, so chucked that on top and glad I did as it was ideal for dipping the thick crust into! So yep it was GOOD!
Sunday I took some photos of the girls, was pleasantly surprised to find a nice photo of each of them

Elizabeth insisted on sitting on the big red bouncy ball so I worked with that ;)

and Lucy had to hug the skipping rope...

Megan came home today with this, that she had made at school, and I thought it fantastic as a year ago she was freaked out with even the thought of swimming!

and was really proud about this

Last year she started playing recorder and this year the music teacher said that 4 of the better players could move up to play the "big recorder". Megan was so happy to have been chosen. She is hoping that next year she can learn to play the saxophone. She has informed me that she can borrow my sax and when she gets older can play in a Jazz band. Now I will let you guess which part of that I look forward to!

Today I finally finished off this canvas, was another I started months ago. When One Little Word's prompt came out I just had to use the word. Haven't been feeling like scrapping so decided to play this way instead. The word prompt is see.
and some close ups

Last week I got the kit from Blue Bazaar. It has sat on the desk because I just haven't had it in me to create. This afternoon I pushed out all the butterflies from the Amy Butler die cut paper and made this

which now hangs in Lucy and Elizabeth's bedroom.

Today has been cold, hence the shocking lighting in the photos which I had to enhance the exposure of. Speaking of photos, can I leave you with my lunch?? I thought my turkey and salad roll looked pretty cool and I happen to love these 2 photos that I took of it ;)

Ciao for now :)
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  1. Thank you for making me hungry! LOL
    Congratulations Megan on promoting to a new recorder level. I was a saxophone player too and I totally agree with you to join the band!
    Love the pics of your girls...they are so pretty. And the same goes with the canvas!

  2. Ah Band!!! I loved being in band. My daughter loved the recorder and now plays the flute like I do.

    That sandwich is so delish. I wish I could have a bite of that dish. Instead I will have to either have egg rolls from school or chicken noodle soup for a can as I didn't pack a lunch.

    Have a great day tomorrow as you are asleep right now.

  3. yummo... pizza and turkey roll look delish! Great pics of the girls too and I especially like your canvas.. I like the texture and the mix of colors :)

  4. Pizza yum! Beautiful photogs of the girlys! Sandwich yum!

    I love your kit below also! Your canvas is very moving. all your works here artsy and adorable!

    it is still 10 degrees with light dusting of snow here, ugh!

    Have a scrapful day ♥

  5. GREAT pictures, and yes all that food looks yummy!

    Love the canvas!!

  6. And, oh ..congrats on almost 1000 posts. It's crazy, isn't it?

  7. your canvas!!Love the colors and all the paint!

    Gr Jeanet

  8. Your canvas looks fantastic ... makes me want to touch it to feel the texture :-)
    Nice pics of your girls and food! :-) Hope Aaron didn't see the pic of the pizza otherwise that's what he'll be asking for at lunchtime!
    WOW 3 more posts till 1,000! Amazing. (I have a while to go before I hit that number! hehehee)

  9. your canvas is amazing, Love it! Love all your pictures too!

  10. Hi I am new to reading your blog and I must say your canvas work is really beautiful as are your darling daughters. I have a daughter Lucy too she just turned 4, great fun little girls are aren't they? Belinda

  11. omgosh!!! your see canvas is splendid!!!! ooooh i love iT!!!!!!!!

    & look at those lovely girls...geez they are stunningly beautiful!

  12. first I want your sandwhich..yum.
    next, love the canvas sharmaine, really beautiful!


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