Thursday, April 23, 2009


I have been wondering about a change in direction.

It happens to us all, change can be good.
My change...
I have stepped down from Aussie Scrapbooking.

Just feeling like I need to change the direction some things were heading.

Have realised I love having an outlet to just write. To be helpful. To inspire, although I have known this a long time now.
So wondering what other doors will open up.

Time will tell what direction I move in next.
Have been playing with different techniques in my art journal. this page is a mass of different techniques so the end result is probably best described as an experiment lol
Sometimes I want to sit in the garden
and the close ups

Ok so this post seems a little disjointed...
I'm tired. Long and busy day.
So off to find something else to do instead of sitting here ;)
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  1. Hi Sharmaine ... Will be praying for God to show you the way!

  2. *sigh* big {{{HUGS}}} from me to U my love....and loveeeeeeeeeee the page.......soooooooo many beautiful colors and YUMMY texture! :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Anonymous9:45 PM

    follow your heart's desires.
    i think you're amazing. i am so in love with your awesome work.
    so glad to have you in my life.

  4. yes, follow your heart. so true. i have to make some huge decissions also (business wise) and it's eating me up inside... good to see you made yours!

    gorgeous work!

  5. Sometimes we just have to keep moving and the path shows itself. I love your experiments, hope you have a beautiful day!

  6. Yes yes...change does come to it good be it sad. Change has come to me also!! ((((hugs))))

    Your lo is fantastic! ~:O)

  7. If it weren't for mosquitoes and fire ants I would love to sit in the garden as well. It is all I dreamt of when I bought my lawn furniture that puppy decided was her chew toy.

    Pretty canvas.

    Good luck with your future endeavors.

  8. Im in this direction...if that helps :)

  9. LOVE the art Journal! How nice would it be to just sit in the garden! Love that!

  10. This is amazing...pure art! Good luck in whatever direction you go!

  11. darling.. you know, i've been feeling that way too. *hugs* to you sweet Girl!

  12. Hi Sharmaine, Your work is beautiful and very artistic and it would be great to see you venture into something new. You scrapbook pages are beautiful and will be treasured for many years to come by your family.Change is good and scary and I think as long as you do what's right for you then you will succeed. Take care Belinda

  13. good for you for taking the first step. change can definitely be a good thing.

    i love your experimental page. all the layers and textures are fun to look at. i like the stamping (or is it rub-ons?). great touch. i'm gonna have to try experimenting like this. keep em coming. thanks for sharing your art with us.

    have fun in the garden. keep inspiring us, love.


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