Friday, April 17, 2009

Signs Of A Good Day...

1. Dave had the day off.

He was wearing in his new work boots while vacuuming, but wouldn't let me take a photo HA!
2. Kids are busy playing.

The rule for just 1 on the trampoline has long been forgotten it seems!
3. Did some gardening
Elizabeth and Lucy took some of the pruned bits and did this

Elizabeth started it by saying she was a pineapple...

Don't you love the hair over one eye, sigh lol
Took some photos of our broccoli that is on it's way

and our capsicum, which is growing nicely :)

4. Leg of Lamb in the oven roasting and already smelling delish
5. Allison is coming over for a scrap (and bringing dessert!!)

6. I have scrapped already
Photo is from 2005. I went through a packet of older printed photos for a change.

distressed the Scenic Route Chipboard circle then did a little doodling and distressed it again.

The blue and white paper behind that was the packaging from inside a shoe box.

Did you see the cute chipboard heart? It's from Love Scrappin' (Suzie is back at the end of the month). I covered it with some vintage book paper, distressed and then painted the edges.

Little tip for getting paint into those smaller places, like the v on the heart. I used a rubon stick, can't think which brand it came with, sorry. I dipped it into the paint and then used it to apply the paint.

7. The day has contained coffee, chocolate and cuddles :)
Sound like a good day????
What would make your day a good day?? Leave me a comment telling me and I will draw a random winner on Sunday, my time :) Will get something in the mail next week to the winner.
Will leave you now with a piccy of a cornflower that I spied in the garden this morning :)

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  1. I'm hoping that today will be one of those good days. I'm off work and am planning to play around with some plain t-shirts and some new iron-on designs I found!! If only the sun would shine it'd be perfect :)

  2. A Good Day! One where my husband and I can take the kids on a drive to nowhere and stop for wildflower photos because we don't have to be anywhere. Hasn't happened this year, but a girl can hope.


  3. Just a perfect day and I adore the LO!!!! Have a great weekend!!!

  4. I am IN LOVE with your day...and I am in LOVE with that LO....MY FAVE photo U have here the boots and the VACUUM!!!! That just CRACKS me UP! :):):):):):):):)

    My perfect day...would be a picnic packed, the family up and ready to go early and head to Prescott, Arizona where in DESERT Arizona I am SURE to find BEAUTIFUL green!!!!! We would head to one of their many little lakes up there and have ourselves a picnic!!! Then we would head to their historic court house in the middle of town and I would take some AMAZING photos of the kids running up those ancient steps!!!! Then to finish our day, we would head to the old fashioned ice cream parlor and have us some YUMMY ice cream! :):):):) Yep....that would be my perfect day! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Beautiful flower.
    My perfect day: sleep in, coffee, morning tv, knitting, some shop browsing, a good lunch and then quality time with my honey :) Nothing over the top..

  6. sounds like you did have a great day... a good day for me would be a sleep in the morning and then to come down stairs to a freshly made breakfast of exotic fruits and freshly roasted coffee and then my DH offering to Vacuum and take the kid's out for a couple of hours and then I paint and play

    Deb xx

  7. (LOL) you make blogging sound so simple. You really have a knack for it. Same as for the 'regular' scrapbooking. It looks so easy! But my attempts have been rather...gagh! I shall stick to my digital stuff which I've not done for so so long.

    regards Michelle -RocketMan's wife (ask Dave)


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