Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shake Me Till I Pop

Again don't ask, it's just cos :)

This morning we had a friend and her 2 boys come for a visit, it was lovely although our girls tend to go a little crazy when they are here!

This afternoon we didn't do much.

The girls got busy with some paper. Megan and Jessica made these for me.

Megan knows how to spell Mummy, just in true Megan fashion she rushed through without seeing the lack of an M ;)

Another cold day but that didn't stop the trampoline getting a work out

Dave was home just before 4 and I spied this and can see where some little people got their genes from...

Don't you just love the belly lines ;)
Dave had soccer training tonight, brrr. I sent the girls to bed with heat packs and, apart from Megan, which is typical, I haven't heard a murmur from them!

Today I covered some buttons for the first time. Super easy. I used some fabric that I had from one of the earlier Q Tea kits, which is closing after the May kit :(

Took this photo when we were up there in January, driving the long way to Launceston. Dave took a little detour so we could find the hospital where I was born.

That is about all, Dave is home now and made me a cuppa so I am off to drink and have a nuggle :)
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  1. Whar great pics and Love the LO!!! Great stitching!!! Have a great Thursday!

  2. AWESOME photos....and loveeeeeeeee the how U stitched the journal lines! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Oh my but how SWEET are those cute gifts from your gorgeous ones. Treasured keepsakes I'm thinking...
    Chrissy x

  4. The doggy card is really cute! Also the LO ... woo hoo! tt's all I can say :)

  5. that layout is lovely Sharmaine! I grew up having a cuppa with my grandmother who was from Ireland. I have missed the sound of that as I am the only one around here who calls it that!

  6. just wanted to say 'hi sharmaine' and see what you've been upto ;)


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