Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Somewhere warm???

Not really lol

We went as far South as the road takes you. To the furthest that the road goes in the South of Tasmania, in fact within Australia.

To a place called Cockle Creek. It's somewhere we used to go camping when I was growing up. It's somewhere Dad used to go camping when he was growing up and now he and Mum, and another family, have a shack. So we spent 3 nights there with Dad. Just a hop, skip and jump to the beach or the creek. Nothing to do but Escape, which is what they named their shack.

and now I will leave you with some random photos I took. Sorry no Easter shots as there wasn't enough light to take photos, the lights only go on when the generator goes on which is only at night time.

Don't be fooled... It was cooooold when the sun wasn't shining, but that doesn't stop some people from wanting to get wet, over and over and over....

We took went back out the road to Hastings Cave and the Thermal Pool, so we could swim in some warmth.

Just to show how 'wonderful' the road is...

Dave is back to work tomorrow and the girls back to school next Tuesday. Glad of the break :)
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  1. Great pictures Sharmaine. Love the ones of the girls in the water (Lucy looks like shes ready to dive hehee) and the mushroom/toadstool ones. Very cool.

  2. what a lovely place to spend the holidays. Happy you all had a good time! Thanks for sharing great photos!

  3. ooh, glad you had fun and got to relax...can't wait to see some of these pics, scrapped!


  4. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS PHOTOS Sharmaine!!! WOW.....loveeeeeeeeeeee that "Mummy is YUMMY"...that WARMS my heart! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Fabulous photos! I want to walk down that path through the trees! It looks like a magical place.

  6. um, its just not fair that you get to play in the sunshine and we are still in frigid temps! *sigh...I want summer!

  7. great photos..looks like you had a awesome time..xx

  8. what a great Escape. lucky you!
    i absolutely love the photos you took. they are awesome. my fave is the one of the girls in the cold water. so fun.

    good good memories to make for keeps.
    i tagged you on blog. please stop by for a visit.

  9. Hi Sharmaine I have never been to Cockle Creek, it looks gorgeous. We spent Easter up at Fingal and I know what you mean about the cold weather and kids still wanting to get wet. My girls would swim in ice and call it fun lol. Very beautiful photos.Belinda


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