Thursday, April 30, 2009


began, early! Was awake around 4.30am, made Dave and I a coffee so we could have that together before he had to get up for his 5.45am taxi and his 7am flight.

The morning was another frosty one, but this time I got some photos ;)

My heart smiled when I saw this little fairy making her own lunch

she chose to have a peanut butter and cheese roll, thank you :)

after lunch the little fairy and I planted some tulip bulbs

well actually she planted I just took photos ;)

and enjoyed the sun.

Yesterday I started making this canvas. I tried a few new things, experimenting again.

Close ups :)

my first VERY successful gel transfer

So now I just await Dave's return.
Going to fill in the time with some telly and scrap :)
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  1. Beautiful pics, love her tutu!!

  2. Neat pics and your canvas is neat. I like that quote heheee ;-)

  3. That canvas is to die for! Love it! Love that sweet pink tutu too! =)

  4. Adorable fairy. Super Canvas. Great photos.

  5. Anonymous8:40 PM

    you are such an amazing artist Sharmaine!!!!
    That canvas is completely awesome! Honestly... one of my favorite.

    sending you lots of love. xx


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