Friday, May 15, 2009


Don't know if it is because Lucy and I spent the morning with my 96 year old Great Aunt, which always makes me reflective, or if it was because I was in need of an extra coffee today because I am tired or if it's just because I don't have any photos to share so wondered what to blog but my mind has been clicking away.
Thinking about things, as it does.
Thinking about priorities.
Thinking about how things we choose sometimes means we don't get time for other things.
Thinking about people and priorities.
Thinking about why some people choose to prioritise people and how they do this.
Thinking about when do these priorities come into effect and why.

Examples, and they are not meant to be taken in the wrong way, they are just examples to try and explain what I have been thinking about today.

*Spending time with my Great Aunt always has me thinking about family and, in her case, lack of. The things we choose now have bearing on the future. Relying on the fact that one day others with make us a priority. Thankful that I can make her a priority and spend time with her.

*Rang Dave who was at work. Phone rang out because he was busy. Made me think about how work becomes a priority. How I am no long on top of that list. I've been shuffled down the list to make room for things that need to be done now. Work=Money and that, right or wrong, becomes a priority because it has to.

*Reading through the comments left on the blog post below and they just hit the spot! None of the commenter's knew that their words were a needed lift today. Those people choose to make it a priority to not just read my blog but to leave a comment, and I am grateful. Got me thinking about how some people read blogs, some people leave comments, some people link you, some people don't, some people visit often, some people only once etc etc. Priorities.

*Friends. Just talking with people, taking time to see how they are going, allowing them to see that you have made them a priority, even for a minute. Smiling at a stranger as you pass in the street, allowing them to see that you have made them a priority, even for a second. People never know the true impact they have on others, but for me I try to leave a little of myself wherever I go. I try to make a priority of being nice, being me, being real and try to impact in someway that is positive.

*Drivers. Allowing others to go ahead of you, allowing their priorities to be higher than yours.

*Kids. Taking time to talk through problems. Sharing moments together. Allowing them to see that you have chosen them to be a priority over all the daily going ons. Allowing them to see how to make those choices wisely so that one day they will make the same priority choices.

*Time. Making choices wisely. Making those minutes count becomes a priority. But not rushing, allowing NOW to be the priority.

Just taking time to see how your priorities impact on others. Taking time to appreciate other people and tell them/show them that they matter, that they are a priority in your life. Telling your loved ones that they are priorities in your life. Making priority choices.

Hope that's not too heavy for you lol
Just getting those thoughts out there :)
It's cold and wet here with possible snow on the mountain... 3 soccer games tomorrow so guess who is hoping the games are cancelled.... hmmm lol
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  1. I like your blog.I'm waiting for your new posts.

  2. I love days for pure reflection ...days to wander the alleys of your mind.... survival days i call them...they help to refill that empty reset old goals and revist them again... yep everyone should have a day like the one you just had...

  3. It's so hard to sustain the right way of thinking, even though in our heart of hearts we all know what our real priorities are and why people should be more important to us than things.
    Thanks for the reminder in this post. :)

  4. LOVE this post!
    LOVE U!
    LOVE Lucy's name...always have...always will...seriously...I will NEVER EVER forget the LO U made with her name and the Beatles song......*sigh* :)
    LOVE that U always say it from the heart! :)
    I have ALWAYS STRUGGLED with priorities....part of that is my ADHD....I have LITERALLY a MILLION things going through my head at ALL never stops!!! So, I have learned to multi-task, be really good at multi-tasking...I would never make it if I tried to do ONE priority at a time....I have to do A LOT at a time....sad but true! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

    Have an AMAZING weekend! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Your words about Priority, ring true in every aspect of my life also. You wrote it perfectly!
    I call my hubby at work, I feel real low if he doesn't answer my call...which he often does not, urgh!! (we own the business)
    As for my kids they are at the top of my day....I steal a few minutes of scrap time here and there...over all they have my undivided attention always ♥
    They both will be off to college in the fall and I will get all the time to myself. (sadness, gladness?) They grow up so fast!

    Have a most scrapfull day!

  6. Love this post and thank you for reminding us of priorities!!!! Have a great weekend and maybe you may get out of the soccer games :)!!!

  7. Thank you for this post Sharmaine and thank you for your kind words on Georgina. Your post has got me thinking and I needed that right now. I agree with Julie's comment isn't Lucy the most gorgeous name ;)
    Take care Belinda xxx


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