Thursday, June 04, 2009

Have No Clue As To What Day Of The Week It Is!


Just after I blogged Megan started throwing up. So Monday night was a up and down night followed by her spending the Tuesday morning like this

while the others played.

it was a freezing morning and this arrived, a RAK from Belinda.

I saw them and thought they will be a perfect welcome home present for my Mum, whenever that will be, sigh. Thanks Belinda, you are an amazingly creative soul, they are amazing and beautiful!!

The afternoon we had some sunshine and the girls got busy with paper again.

Even Megan got dressed and had a little creating time.

Jessica and I made some finger puppets

Megan made this

Elizabeth made a hula skirt....
and Jessica a robot.

Lucy also made something but quickly hid it away in the castle she made the other day.

Yesterday was Jessica's 8th birthday, they were out of bed around 5.30am all excited but we put off the present opening till 7am!

We had friends come over for lunch, which we all thought was fantastic ;)

My Dad, Poppy came for dinner. Dinner was the requested chicken and chips and Dad had made us an apple pie.

The J is for Jessica and the E was for Elizabeth as Dad hadn't been able to come for Elizabeth's birthday.

My fave photo :)

she cut the cake

and touched the bottom so she had to kiss all the boys...
But they didn't mind ;)


Grocery shopping, which included the holiday cereal and other goodies that made the way into the trolley. On the way out we saw a deal for a Nintendo DS. Megan had been saving up since February and I had been going to take them into town tomorrow and surprise her with one, matching her money to buy it. But this deal was a good one so we went and got it today. She was surprised and soooo happy, although has been nagging me about when she can get new games lol

Dave came home for lunch and when he went back to work us girls went back to the shopping centre and spent the birthday money that had been sitting in wallets awaiting such an occasion! Jessica bought the Twister Dance DVD game, Elizabeth some new littlest pet shop toys and Lucy bought... a unicorn :)

Will leave you with some of the pages I have made for Karen's Scrappin Kupboard, from November, April and the recent one that is on the home page :)

and this I made for Dave's Mum for Christmas last year

inside each was a little note from each of the girls :)

Ok now I am up to date again, and know what day it is :)
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  1. Hi Sharmaine!!!

    I was thinking of you, so I thot I'd pop by!

    Love the "Love Notes" tin! What a great idea! That could be used, not just for Grandma, but whomever...I have tons of tins! Thanks for the inspiration!

    That pie looks amazing! Great, now I want pie, and for breakfast too!!! hee!!!


    - L

  2. Wowwwwwwwwwwww....I can see why your days are mixed up!! LOOK how busy U are!!! Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos and I'm with Linda...that PIE LOOKS YUMMY....but I thought the "J" was for Julie!?!?!!? LOL!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the LO's too....U seriously amaze me...I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee that "brrr" one! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. You are a busy bee and I just adore all the photos!!!! That pie does look super yummy!!! I just adore all the LO's and my favorite is the BRRRR. Maybe that is because it is chilly here today and we should not be chilly! Have a great day sweet friend and keep on inspiring us with your beautiful creations!!!!

  4. Hi Sharmaine!'ve been busy! I love the photo of Jessica kissing and his expression...too cute. Love your work! The tin is adorable! Good to hear from you! - Amanda :)

  5. Sorry about the sickness.. looks like she's coming around though. I'm glad :)

  6. Wow!! Wonderful work I love all of them expecially the grandma box great idea!!

  7. great pictures!
    I absolutely love, love, love your pages... when I see your work, it makes me want to drop everything and SCRAP!

  8. Hi Sharmaine, wow you have been busy. It's never fun when the kids are sick, Lucy spent her 4th birthday sick and missed out on the yummy cake (her favourite). Love these pages and the Grandma tin.My Georgina wants a ds for her birthday in Sep, they look like fun. I'm going to have a day of scrapbooking today, you have inspired me ;)
    Take care Belinda

  9. I have just spent a ridiculously long time looking at your blog lol Your work is amazing! GOt me all inspired now lol Thanks for sharing :)

  10. Hello and wonderful to see what day it dd Rachel Graduated from High School this past sunday and we went to so many partys etc...and now on to vacation in the a.m. off to the east coast myrtle beach!! I now know it tuesday...yay!
    Lovin all your works!! the little tin is awesome...what a superb idea, gotta try it myself sometime. maybe a beach theme...hmm

    well it is summer here...sorry for the cold there. Glad everyone got thru the nasty flu, eww!

    Have a great rest of the week be back after vacation/holiday ~:O)


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