Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pancake Flat

That about sums up how I have been feeling towards creating, blogging, doing…
Spending lots of time being, which has been good :)


Spending time hanging with the Schmuz at home and about




We spent Thursday afternoon in town and she was so super good we bought some Dora leggings :)


Soccer has started up again, for the girls, Megan had a bye today and Jessica’s game was something like 4 or 5 nil… her team didn’t score :) Dave played this afternoon, 2-3 and less muddy than last week :)

I’ve been painting, it was almost finished Thursday but I wanted to add the text, and it has been bugging me so much that I haven’t created anything else, but now it is finished so on to other things :) I used water colours, acrylics and glimmer mist on this, will leave you to guess what’s what ;) ok a hint, most of it is glimmer mist :)


“With a new day comes new adventure”


and this is the art work of a little miss, who decided to climb on to Elizabeth’s bed, top bunk, and draw a little something on the wall this afternoon :)


PS There are still a few of the June kits left at Love Scrappin' and you still have until tomorrow night to send in an application for the Design Team. If you have thought about please make sure you email Suzie because you never know, you might be 'the one' :)

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  1. I just adore your daughter's leggings.....Oh to have a girl!!! Love the painting it is stunning!!!! I too have not felt much like doing anything creative....hoping this changes!!! Wishes for a great day sweet friend!!! :)

  2. Loveeeeeeeeeeeeee the photos (those tights are ADORABLE!!!) and the canvas....and art on the wall...*sigh* I know I've been there with Adam!!! LOL :):):):):):):):):):)

  3. Your little girl looks super cute in those stockings. I see a drawing in the midst of your painting. Looks like a boardwalk going towards a lake. I'm not sure what you have painted but this is what I see :-)
    But I do love your color coordination. Lovely!

  4. I love the softness of the painting! its beautiful!

  5. Hi Sharmaine, my Lucy loves Dora and I know she would love those tights. I have to say that I have had the drawings on the wall many times. It's ok if its crayon and easy to get off but that pen is a right pain ;( your canvas is really serene and beautiful. Everytime I get into a creative slump I try something new and yesterday I started finger knitting one of those round rugs with a heap of really fluffy fibers, its looking quite funky. Belinda

  6. LOL about the writing on the wall - I have one of 'those' children who just 'cant' help it!!
    Love love love your canvas!!!!

  7. My son has left quite a few of those marks around the house. I have decided, I will just paint over them later...I did find that rubbing alcohol managed to get most of it off, however.

  8. Those Dora leggings are too cute! Darling! Beautiful are so talented!


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