Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Preparing For The Next Season

Is something I have been thinking about today, but more on that later :)
Firstly our day started frosty but with this gorgeous sunrise, as seen from the backyard, through the recycled shower screens that are in front of one of the garden beds, a sort of glass house if you will ;)

100_4998 100_4999 100_5001 100_5002 100_5003 100_5004

Spent some of the day outside in the sunshine. The wind was icy but the sun was OH SO GOOD!!
I cut back the last of our raspberry canes and did some sweeping up of autumn leaves.

Preparing fora new season

Which got me thinking about how we prepare for the next season in the garden and in life.
Today I picked up a notice with the dates for Pre-kinder, which starts next week, and that had me thinking about how Lucy doesn’t have long till she becomes a ‘school girl’ and that life will soon be changing to a new stage. A time when all our girls will be at school, a time when it will be just me at home and a time for new adventures and new learning.
So embracing all of that and holding close the time spent at home with 1, Lucy and I made her requested butterflies today. We just cut out butterfly shapes


and she coloured them in.


She then made a shooting star and a smiley face, which brings me to the page I made today, using the rest of the bleached stamped paper I made yesterday.


I have been trying REALLY HARD to use up more of the things I have so for the title on this one I…
made a’s by cutting off the top off b’s and turning them upside down, cut an f and turned it into a t, cut a 1 into an l and used the extra bit with an r to make a u


added some paint for a journal spot on the Basic Grey paper, think it’s BG… it’s older too


used a Such Sweet Tierney chipboard button and a Crafty Matters smiley face


and this paperclip that I have had for a while now


The other papers are all from Jamaica on Etsy.

Soccer training was meant to start back today, for Megan and Jessica, but because of all the rain it was cancelled. But Dave was nice and still went up to school and brought the girls home, love that :)
Guides starts back tomorrow night so it’s going to be a long day lol
Ok am off, Dave just made a coffee and whipped up some cream for the pastry I baked and we are having some matchsticks, yum ;)

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  1. Loveeeeeeeeeee the photos and U know I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that LO!!!!! What's my FAVE part??? Come on now....THE SMILEY face Lucy made of course!!!! LOL :):):):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. The photos are very funny and the layout is lovely!!

  3. Loves these photos and the story behind them!!! I felt so at peace reading it and it was like I was right there with you!!! Just adore the LO and the Smiley face!!! Have a great one!!! :)

  4. what a beautiful sunrise!

  5. like how you used up your stash! Gee, I have been so busy I haven't checked in here for a bit and wow-lot's I've missed. I really enjoy seeing photos of your girls getting all crafty. My boys used to do that but not so much anymore :(. Love the bleaching, I tried it with a spray bottle but paper didn't work so well-didn't know some work better than others!

  6. I love the flares in the photos! Awesome!

  7. it seems you are determined to make me look like a dessert fetishist...xod
    Perhaps the new season should involve you making pudding all day?

  8. Thanks my dearest for stopping by...the mask is from Tom Holtz....called "timeworks" :):):):):):):):):):):):)

  9. Anonymous3:41 PM

    wonderful pictures. i would love to live somewhere like that. have a good week!

    fulltime mom

  10. I stumbled upon your blog and have a random question: how did you make your header? It is so cute! :)

  11. a clever way to do your alphas.

  12. Thanks ever so much for visiting my blog and for the tips on using glimmer mist. Much appreciated!

    Love your photos - and the way you cut up your alphas to create the letters you needed for your title. Very inspiring! :)

  13. I love that picture. Recycled shower screens huh? How cool! Sorry you are getting frost, we've just barely hit summer and I'm so thrilled!

  14. heyyy beaudiful !!
    oh my goshh those photos are aweeeesome Sharmaine !! love them !!
    and how Lucy has grown woww !!
    love the LO !!!


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