Sunday, June 28, 2009

When I Stop…

I crash and burn.
So I really shouldn’t stop??!!
This past week has been mammoth and today we took ‘time out’
Dave and I stayed in bed till after 9am
The girls took over the lounge room
Megan had a PJ day, and loved it
I went to the Quilt and Craft fair for an hour
Dave did a tip run with the old dishwasher, old oil heater and other rubbish
I cooked roast lamb and veg for dinner…
A nice ‘time out’ type of day but boy am I tired!!
And all because I stopped :)

So rolling back to Friday…
Lucy and I took the girls to school and then came home to tackle the washing before heading off on our roadtrip to Launceston. She was SUPER good the whole trip! It’s about a 2 hour drive to Launceston and with just her dolly, 5 books and me to entertain her, she did really well! We got to Launceston around lunchtime, but had eaten lunch already, Lucy had the “I’m Hungry’s” not long after leaving home but I can prepared for that :) We rewarded ourselves with a babycino and Caramel Latte before heading to Grandpa’s house, Grandpa being Dave’s Grandpa. We spent a little time there before ‘napping Grandma, being Dave’s Mum, and starting our journey home.

We had lots of rain on Thursday and Friday so the soccer games for Saturday were cancelled. We spent the day hanging with Grandma instead. A trip to town and then some time around home, which everyone enjoyed.

100_5173 100_5174 100_5175

Uncle Samuel, being Dave’s youngest brother, came to collect Grandma in the afternoon. After she left we all felt a little flat and it was very much a case of… now what…

Today, as I said, was spent at home. Resting, catching up on things and while I cooked dinner Dave did some of his study, he is hard at it again now.


Tonight, after the girls were ready for bed they had some fun ripping Dave’s jeans. They were worn through and the tip run had put a hole in them so the girls all had a go at ripping them before they teamed up to finish off the job. You should have heard the screams and giggles!!!


Will leave you with some sneak peeks of what I made with my July Kit for Love Scrappin’

100_5097100_5088 100_5092 100_5095

Still some of the June kits left and the July ones go on sale soon, make sure your signed up for the newsletter so you don’t miss out :)

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  1. Those sneak peeks look great! And it osunds like you had a lovely lazy day - well deserved!

  2. love this post...the girls look like they are working together to finish off those old jeans!!! lol ha ha ~:O)

    Your sneak peak is adorable, love the stamp/ink on the flower!!

    Please stop over and answer a question for me on my blog...there is a RAK i am giving away ♥

  3. looks great these sneaks - as above ! lovee what you've baked too ! lol


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